Why you Must Have a Green Business Blog


Why you Must Have a Green Business Blog

As far as your online presence goes, developing a blog is nearly a must. Getting the word out about your green business will help drive customers to your website and grow your business, and as part of a comprehensive green marketing strategy, a blog is a powerful tool. Read on to find out why.

What is a blog?

Short for web log,” a blog is a regularly updated website (or portion of a website) that serves a variety of purposes – it can be a platform from which to comment on news or developments, provide product information and updates, convey personal stories, post media such as video, photographs, music, or audio files, or communicate about various events. Most blogs also have interactive capabilities allowing readers to comment and participate in the conversation, making a blog much more open-ended than a simple static website.

Why have a green business blog and a main business website?

As you can see, blogs are highly versatile, offering your green business an alternate format for communicating with your clients. If you’re looking for ways to build your business, a green blog will allow you to share updates about your company, including things like product launches, changes in staff, research completed, operational changes, mergers and acquisitions, and so on. A green business blog also gives you the ability to communicate special offers to your customers, such as sales, contests, incentives, and special events. And as an eco-friendly business, you may even want to include green living blog posts as you encourage your customers to live more natural lives.

More than that, a good blog can also be a place where you interact with your customers – a form of two-way communication. By using things like surveys and polls, you have the ability to ascertain what your clientele really wants. And by sharing how your business works from the inside – how you bake your organic cookies or what your eco dry cleaning methods are like – you may also engage customers in a conversation about how you can improve. A blog gives you a voice, but it also provides a way for your customers to have a voice as well and can therefore be a highly effective way to grow customer loyalty.

The benefits of blogging as a green business marketing strategy

But your blog isn’t just about communicating with current clients – it can also be a way to gain new ones. Spiders sent by search engines will regularly crawl your website looking for new content. But they are very sophisticated and prefer fresher information over stagnant content. Think of the spiders as living organisms with new content their food – by adding new content with relevant keywords to your website through a blog, they’ll eat it up and keep coming back (more frequently) for more. In many ways, fresh content is the future to obtaining fabulous SEO results so that you move up in the search results.

New content is important for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, but so are keywords. What are keywords? Imagine you’re online looking for an eco-friendly cleaning company. You may go to Google or Yahoo and type in search terms such as green cleaner” or natural home cleaning” to find a green business in your area. These search terms are keywords. Keywords are used by search engines to return results when someone searches for a particular item. The key is to use the most popular keywords in a strategic fashion, but that’s for another post. The point here is to remember that blogging allows you to increase the quality and quantity of keywords on your website, which makes spiders happy.

Blogging has one more green marketing advantage – it allows you to link from a blog post to relevant pages on your website. This is called interlinking and is also beneficial when it comes to optimizing your website for search engines.

So as you plan your green marketing strategy, don’t leave blog” off of the list of online tools you’ll use to increase customer loyalty, grow your client base, and build a solid online presence. For the newbie blogger the work may seem daunting, but as you work at it, green blogging can be a great deal of fun, and the dividends are tremendous.

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