Recycled Designer Handbags for Eco-Fashionistas

Recycled designer handbags are all the rage in the fashion world right now. Celebrities and fashionistas alike are sporting beautiful handbags made from repurposed materials such as candy wrappers, automobile seatbelts, and even soda pop tops!

Why Recycled Fashion?

The process of creating recycled fashion is often known as “up-cycling.” Recycling waste products saves natural resources, reduces air and water pollution, cuts carbon emissions, creates jobs, and saves space in landfills. Up-cycling waste products has all the same environmental benefits as recycling, while also turning what was once a discarded piece of garbage into a beautiful, fashionable, and functional work of art. Recycled fashion is often handmade by artisans in disadvantaged countries, so they even help fight poverty around the world. Recycled handbags are an accessory that you can truly feel good about!

What Are Recycled Handbags Made From?

Waste products used in designer recycled handbags are salvaged or donated and cleaned. An astonishing variety of products can be turned into recycled handbags.

5 Recycled Designer Handbags to Spice Up Any Wardrobe

These are some of my picks for the most stylish recycled designer handbags:


Chica Tutti Frutti Bag

1. Chica Tutti Frutti Bag

The Chica Tutti Frutti Bag is a bright, stylish clutch bag made from recycled candy wrappers! It is perfect for carrying keys, IDs, and other small things. The Chica Tutti Frutti Bag is handmade in Mexico and fair trade certified, which means that in addition to the environmental benefits, the workers who produced the handbag are guaranteed fair wages and safe working conditions.

Mandala Handbag

Mandala Handbag

2. Mandala Handbag

For an offbeat look, the Mandala Handbag is a funky creation made from soda pop tops. The pop tops are hand crocheted into spiral patterns by Neide Ambrosio of Brazil for a unique and creative accessory. The handbag has a polyester lining and zipper top. It come in baby pink, black, blue, and terra.

3. Woman Warrior Purse

Woman Warrior Purse

Woman Warrior Purse

Another of Neide Ambrosio’s glittering creations is the Woman Warrior Purse, a recycled designer handbag made from golden zipper pulls. The zipper pulls are woven into a mesh and linked together with aluminum rings and the purse is then lined with satin and closed with a secure lobster claw clasp. This eye-catching handbag is also available in a style called Silver Treasure, which features silver zipper pulls and a sturdy polyester lining.

4. Red Star Tote

The Red Star Tote (shown above) is a popular design made from recycled sailboat sails. This handsome tote bag is lined with blue denim on the inside and has contrasting bright orange trim, with an inside pocket designed to keep small stuff like keys, IDs, and cash organized and easily accessible. The orange nylon webbing strap is 26″ so it fits comfortably over your shoulder but is short enough to tote, and the back of the bag is decorated with a diagonal sail seam. The Red Star Tote is handmade in the United States.

5. Carriage Hobo Handbag

Carriage Hobo Handbag

Carriage Hobo Handbag

The stylish Carriage Hobo Handbag is made from recycled auto seatbelts with an eco-friendly organic hemp lining and antique nickel hardware. The lining is silk screened with environmentally friendly water-based inks and has four internal slip pockets and one zip pocket. Designed by Harveys and made in the United States, each Carriage Hobo recycled handbag is completely unique and one-of-a-kind.

These are just a few of the amazing variety of beautiful recycled handbags available today. Other popular designs include handbags made from art posters, newspapers, truck tire inner tubes, carpets, skateboards, and even bamboo chopsticks! The creativity and skill that go into crafting recycled designer handbags is truly unmatched.

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