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3 Inspiring Women Social Entrepreneurs Creating Transformational Tech

Women entrepreneurs - kickboard teacher software

It’s not often that you see women entrepreneurs working in the male-dominated tech space, but you’re about to meet three females who are bucking the norm and contributing to a greener economy in the process. These female social entrepreneurs are breaking the mold and takin’ names. Kickboard Software Helps Teachers Teach More Effectively Too often,…

Green Entrepreneur Interview: Lisa Hernandez of Modern Green Beauty

Green Entrepreneur Lisa Hernandez

Lisa Hernandez is a green entrepreneur hoping to show consumers how they can choose natural, organic cosmetics and skin care products that are affordable and better for body and planet. Modern Green Beauty is her platform – find out how she’s making it profitable and fun. Can you tell us about Modern Green Beauty? What’s your…

Fundación En Via: Helping Women In Rural Mexico Move Forward

En Via Borrower

What comes to mind when you think of Mexico? Is it the variety of vacation opportunites and beaches? Or maybe you think of coffee, chocolate, tequila or other popular Mexican exports. Or perhaps what comes to mind is the wide variety of Mexican cuisine we’ve become accustomed to here in the United States. What you’re…

Fonkoze: Rural Women Rebuilding Haiti

Fonkoze's Staircase Model

Just a little over a year ago, on January 12, 2010, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 struck the small island of Haiti. Little did we know, but that earthquake would become one of the deadliest natural disasters in recent history – killing over 316,000 people, leaving another 1.6 million homeless and causing over…

Awamaki: Women Weaving Their Way Out of Poverty

Awamaki logo

Rural Peruvian women face a number of extreme challenges you might not expect from living in such a hyper-connected world. Imagine caring for your family in relative isolation – living at extremely high altitudes, which are relatively inaccessible due to lack of roads and transportation, subsisting on what little you can farm from the extremely…

Restore NYC and Hello Rewind: Eco-friendly Products Made by Formerly Trafficked Women

Hello Rewind logo

The main statistic that greets you on the homepage of Hello Rewind, a social enterprise partnering with an organization in New York City called Restore NYC, is sobering – over 100,000 women are sex trafficked each day. The second statistic is slightly less sobering, the impact is no less real – over 16,000 tons of…

Worm Poop = Green Business Gold: Interview with Cathy’s Crawly Composters

Cathy Crawly Composters - a Green Business

Cathy Nesbitt has taken a common recycling problem and turned it into green business gold by helping consumers compost their organic waste with the help of worms. This green entrepreneur has learned a thing or two about marketing and building a green business in a slow economy and we wanted to know what those lessons…

Sunbula: Economic Opportunity for Women on the West Bank

Sunbula Logo

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is not new. It has been raging for decades. While much attention is paid to the militarization of the conflict, little is given to how it affects the day to day lives of citizens on both sides. Occupation, and the numerous political, social and economic consequences that go along…

Global Grassroots: Empowering Female Entrepreneurs at the Grassroots Level

Community Vocational Training School

Do you know the definition of an entrepreneur? According to the dictionary, an entrepreneur is a person who possesses a new enterprise, venture or idea, and then assumes all the risk necessary to implement it. For Global Grassroots, entrepreneurs are exactly that, but first and foremost, they are women. What is Global Grassroots? While traveling…

Revolution Foods: Greener, Healthier School Lunches


Revolution Foods is a for-profit social enterprise that provides school districts and individual schools with healthy, delicious, and environmentally friendly school lunches. Concern about the quality of school lunches has been growing for several years among parents, nutritionists, and food policy advocates. In 2009, a study found that most school lunches do not meet dietary…

Women for Women International: Women Survivors of War Build Businesses

Women for Women participant in Nigeria

Across the globe, women living in poverty face dire circumstances. When faced with war and political, social or ethnic conflict, their situations can become even more perilous. Women for Women International specializes in helping women victims of war become survivors. With a combination of financial aid, leadership education and technical skills and business training, these…

Heifer International: Empowering Rural Poor to Become Entrepreneurs

heifer logo

If you’re like me, you first learned of Heifer International by seeing a commercial, probably around Christmastime, urging you to give a gift of a farm animal to help a family and to end world hunger. What you may not know is that the farm animal wasn’t meant to end hunger literally by being eaten….

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