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Hi, I’m Lorna Li, the Founder & Editor in Chief of Green Marketing TV.

Green Marketing TV empowers green and social entrepreneurs through digital marketing. We have 600+ pages of content all about green marketing and sustainable branding, social enterprise news, business spotlights, and behind the scenes interviews with change making entrepreneurs, just like you.

Lot’s of people have contributed to Green Marketing TV over the years – and we all share the same love of Nature and passion to make the world a better place.

In my opinion, business is one of the powerful agents of change, so my focus for the past decade has been documenting how business for good is good for business.

To help orient you a bit, here’s our best content organized by category.

Understanding the Green Economy

These articles will help you understand the different sectors of the “Green Economy”, what career opportunities are available, profiles of different types of green jobs, what characterizes a “green business” and target green consumers.

Green Economy Overview

Green Careers – Green Jobs Profiles & Resources

How to Jumpstart a Great Green Career

What is a Green Business?

Why Green Consumers Make the Best Customers

Starting a Green Business or Social Enterprise

These articles cover some of the hottest opportunities for startup green entrepreneurs, what it takes to get a green business off the ground, different kinds of green businesses you can start, even on a small budget.

The Hottest Green Business Opportunities with Glenn Croston

How to Find a Business Parter / Soulmate

Starting a Green Business

How to Become a Certified B Corporation

How to Start a Green Home Based Business 

How to Start a Green Internet Business

Green Business Ideas for Ecopreneurs with a Small Budget

The Ultimate Guide to Green Business Ideas

Funding Your Green Business or Social Enterprise

Getting funding is key concern for startup businesses, especially if you are trying to grow to the next level. Here are articles covering some of the best funding resources for small startup entrepreneurs.

The Social Entrepreneur Funding Guide

Crowdfunding for Nonprofits

Crowdfunding for Social Entrepreneurs & Startups

Entrepreneur Funding Options for Startups

Social Entrepreneur Resources

If you are social enterprise working on developing innovative market-based solutions to some of the world’s most pressing concerns, you have access to a whole world of resources for entrepreneurs just like you.

What is a Social Entrepreneur?

The Ultimate Guide to Social Enterprise Conferences

The Ultimate Guide to Social Entrepreneur Business Plan Competitions

The Ultimate List of Social Enterprise Blogs

Green Business Website Essentials

If you are just getting started building a website for your sustainable business, we highly recommend WordPress, as it’s one of the versatile and easy to use content management systems out there. Check out some of these resources to help you pick web hosting that’s green, an attractive theme for your WordPress website, or choose a search engine friendly e-Commerce platform if you have a limited budget.

The Ultimate Guide to Green Web Hosting

 The Ultimate Guide to Green WordPress Themes

Best SEO Friendly E-Commerce Sites

SEO Strategies for Green Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving your website visibility in the natural or organic results section of a search engine. Here are articles to help you understand why small businesses should care about SEO, tips and tools how you can increase your search engine visibility universally as well as locally.

How SEO Can Boost Your Green Business

How to Write SEO-Friendly Copy that Green Consumers Love

How to Write an SEO Friendly Press Release

 How to Use Google Insights to Inspire Your Content Marketing Strategy

How to Claim Your Green Business on Facebook Places

Local SEO for Green Businesses

10 Green Business Directories & Networks

10 SEO Tools for Small Businesses

Content Strategies for Green Business

Content is king. If you want more organic visitors to your website, you’ll need to develop a content strategy. If you have a 10 page website, and it’s mostly product listings, your ability to increase search engine traffic organically will be extremely limited. For this reason, we recommend business blogging as a powerful way to increase web traffic. Here are articles to help you develop a compelling content strategy that attracts more ideal customers to your website.

Why Green Businesses Should Consider Having a Blog

Does Your Green Business Have a Solid Content Strategy?

8 Steps to a Better Green Business Blog

12 Ideas to Kick Start Your Green Blog Content Strategy Part 1

12 Ideas to Kick Start Your Green Blog Content Strategy Part 2

Green Marketing Essentials

Green marketing, also known as sustainable marketing, involves developing and promoting products that have environmental advantages. Here are articles that explore many different facets of green marketing, including the keys to avoiding greenwash in your sustainability marketing, navigating the world of eco labels, discovering whether green business certification is right for you, and more.

What is Green Marketing?

What is Greenwashing?

The Art of Green Marketing for Sustainable Brands

Guide to Ecolabels

How Green is Your Green Printing Company?

 How Green Are Your Promotional Products?

How to Choose the Right Green Business Certification

Download a Free Chapter of the New Rules of Green Marketing

Social Media Marketing Tips for Green Businesses & Social Entrepreneurs

Social media is the most powerful, yet most often overlooked, marketing channel for green businesses. In order to market the environmental attributes of your products or services, you need to both educate and engage your audience in the sustainability conversation. Sharing content and engaging with your audience on social media is the best way sustainable brands can get their environmentally message out to the public in the way that it can be understood and embraced by the mainstream. Here are articles to help you tap into the power of social media and quickly connect with eco friendly audiences on the social web.

How to Engage Green Consumers with Social Media

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Green Entrepreneurs

6 Ways Twitter will Benefit your Green Business

 How to Find, Friend, and Engage with Changemakers on Twitter

Guide to Green & Social Change Hashtags

Get More Twitter Followers With #Ecomonday

Six Tips for Using Flickr to Market Your Green Business

10 Free Tools to Measure Your Social Impact

11 Tools to Help Leverage LinkedIn to Promote Your Green Business

10 Facebook Apps to Help Market Your Green Business

YouTube Marketing Basics for Green Businesses

Marketing Strategies for Sustainability Consultants

If you are a sustainability consultant you’ll need to adopt different marketing strategies than a green e-Commerce site. Here are some marketing resources specifically for eco consultants.

Grow Your Business With Webinar Marketing

Optimizing Your Web Presence for Successful Eco Consulting

 Marketing Strategies for Green Merchants & Retailers

If you are a green retailer, you may be missing out on an untapped resource – marketing affiliates. Here’s a guide to recruiting an army of affiliate marketers who promote your products for you.

Green Affiliate Marketing Guide

Erm, I Got This Question I’ve Been Dying to Ask… Why the TV?

We started off as a video site, and kicked off with a video interview series shot at West Coast Green. Then we discovered how much work video is – for every minute of video, it’s an hour of editing. Needless to say, with a full time day job, I got burned out on this real fast.

We may produce more videos, however, given the resource intensiveness of this endeavor, it won’t be a primary focus. Our primary focus here is to help sustainable brands and social impact businesses do more business, reach more people and transform our economy from one that focuses on profit maximization at the expense of our planet to an economy that is environmentally sustainable and socially just.


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