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How Social Entrepreneurs Are Changing Our World

David Hopkins from Lorna Li on Vimeo. At West Coast Green, David Hopkins, co-author of Tactics of Hope, highlights the work of some great social entrepreneurs, and offers suggestions on where social entrepreneurs can find funding. For in depth info on the social entrepreneur movement, read the book Tactics of Hope. Lorna Li (LL): Hi…

The Maya Nut Saves Rainforests, Feeds the Poor, and Creates Women Entrepreneurs


The Maya Nut (Brosimum alicastrum), a long forgotten staple food of the ancient Mayan people, is now being tapped as a valuable resource for poor rural communities in Central America. The Maya Nut comes from one of the largest trees in the rainforests of Central America and was once found in abundance throughout the region….

LifeStraw Makes Dirty Water Drinkable, Anywhere


Clean water is taken for granted in many parts of the world. For one-sixth of the world’s population though, obtaining clean water is a daily struggle. The 2006 United Nations Human Development report estimates that over a billion people don’t have immediate access to drinkable water. This means that diseases such as cholera, enteric fever,…

The Kyoto Box Solar Oven – A $5 Solution to Climate Change

Peopled from developed countries find it almost impossible to believe that three billion people around the world still use firewood for cooking.  With the climate change problem reaching unprecedented proportions, deforestation has become one of the most vital issues to address in the fight against global warming.  Who would have thought that one of the…

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