10 Free Tools To Measure Your Social Impact


By J.D. Lasica As a green Web publisher or social entrepreneur, you most likely have your website up and running and have a presence on the major social networks. Now what? Metrics. Your social media plan should include setting goals and measuring your progress. But cause organizations often overlook this part of the equation, partly…

Excellent Marketing Tips for Nonprofit Organizations


Marketing efforts for nonprofit organizations must be as well thought out as for any other type of business. Your message will be different, but your avenues will often be the same. Your goals, of course, is to make your target audience aware of your presence and need and to hopefully move them toward volunteerism or…

The Ultimate Guide to Green WordPress Themes

Enkelt WordPress Theme

Back in the old days, creating a website was a $2,000 to $5,000 endeavor, which is a pretty big investment if you are a small green business, aspiring eco-entrepreneur or nonprofit that’s trying to minimize overhead and maximize program spend. However, the arrival of Web 2.0, open source technologies and blogging changed all that. WordPress,…

Achieving Credibility Within Your Green Entrepreneurial Self-Presentation

Sustainability and growth

Whether you wish to raise capital, increase shareholders value or demonstrate integrity within your industrial sector, green businesses’ self-presentation, namely the mission statements, values and vision, has to be wisely thought, words carefully picked to achieve credibility. Corporate entities are building the meaning of their identities through advertisement and self-presentation. It is essential in nowadays…

What is Social Branding?

GoodGuide social ratings

Social branding was once the domain of nonprofit organizations. Nowadays social branding is equally utilized by socially-conscious businesses that are making a positive impact on society, while also turning a profit . What is a Social Brand? A social brand is much like any marketing brand. It should reflect your business values and marketing message…

10 Ways Green Business Owners Can Boost Their Brand through Facebook


Facebook offers an excellent opportunity for green business owners to utilize their Pages platform to boost their brand, as well as build their presence online, engage their audience, and spread their message whether you have a green business or non-profit. Through using the various Facebook features and applications available to green business owners through Facebook…

Why and How to Get Involved with Cause Marketing

With so many businesses turning to cause marketing these days, you may be wondering if your company should do the same. Yet, you may also be telling yourself that cause marketing is just another trend that will soon become unpopular because everyone is involved. Here are some great reasons to do cause marketing as well…

10 Ways Geolocation is Changing the World

This post was written by Rob Reed. He is the founder of MomentFeed, a location-based marketing, strategy, and technology firm. Location technologies are transforming how we experience, navigate, and ultimately better our world. From the global to the local, here are #10Ways geolocation is a positive force for good. Social media has changed the world….

How to Become A Certified B Corporation

Pura Vida Coffee

B Corp Certification is given by B Lab, a Pennsylvania based nonprofit organization that aims to support the emerging B Corp sector by certifying and rating, recruiting and promoting B Corps, demystifying the legal frameworks surrounding the B Corps, and more.   What is a B Corporation? Social responsibility is a key element of a…

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