Green Business Tools Made Easy:

There’s a new way for businesses large and small to pursue green business practices, and it’s Offering a complete platform for businesses to target … ...

MotleyGreen - entrepreneurs for change

WakaWaka Solar Lamp Social Enterprise Brings the Most Efficient Solar Light on the Planet

The problems of conventional kerosene lamps used in poor communities all over the world are many: indoor air pollution, environmental sustainability, fire hazards, low … ...

WakaWaka Solar Lamp

Farmhopping and Tilt World Create Remote Eco Heroes via Green Entrepreneurs

Though we always hope humans will get out into the natural world and get their hands dirty – whether they garden or farm or go for a hike or walk in the park - sometimes … ...

Tilt World - green entrepreneurs

Innovation Challenge = Budding Green Entrepreneurs – Rain Barrel Sized Disaster Relief Housing & More

The University of Washington (UW) 2012 Environmental Innovation Challenge recently concluded, with some truly inspiring innovations coming from the green entrepreneur winners. … ...

GIST recycled tire barrier - green entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneurs Create 2 Amazingly Simple Water Carriers

Two social entrepreneurs have recently introduced simple, yet astoundingly effective systems that can be used by women living in developing countries to collect and carry … ...

WaterWheel Wello - social entrepreneur

Networking Advice from 3 Successful Green Business Women

For women starting a new green business, there are plenty of resources available, including your local small business resource center,, networking groups, and … ...

green business women

Recycled Bomb Accessories for a Social Enterprise Twist on Eco-Jewelry

There are numerous ways to create eco-friendly jewelry, but we bet you’ve never heard of bomb-based jewelry! That’s right, these two social enterprises have taken … ...

peaceBOMB eco jewelry - social enterprise

How to Write an SEO Friendly Online Press Release for your Green Business

Online press releases can play an important role in promoting your green business—both to members of the media and to potential customers. And the secret to making them … ...

seo press release

What Internet Marketing Strategy Does Your Green Business Need?

Green Marketing TV is pleased to begin offering a series of expert led webinars on marketing your green business online. To help us prioritize which webinar to develop … ...


Two Organic Skincare Companies Doing Nature-Inspired Green Business

If you’re looking for ways to infuse your beauty routine with socially-aware, environmentally-friendly products, then these two green businesses certainly will inspire – … ...

Wembe Paraguay workshop - green businesses

Slashing Waste with Two Green Businesses – Stylish, Cutting Edge Water Filtration

We know that water is a serious environmental and social issue. The following two green enterprises are looking to tackle the problem of water-related waste, wish a social … ...

Hydros Water Filter Bottle - green businesses

Biztopia – a Must-Have Resource for Passionate Social Entrepreneurs

  Biztopia is the newest tool lauched by to help people in the business of social entrepreneurship. This new, interactive microsite aims to help social … ...

Biztopia - social entrepreneurs


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  • Launch Grow a Successful Green Business
    Get the tools you need to grow a thriving green business today:

    Are you an aspiring or existing green entrepreneur, social entrepreneur, sustainability intrapreneur, conscious business owner, coach or consultant trying to break through to the next level of business success?

    Every serious entrepreneur knows that building a financially sustainable, spiritually rewarding business requires focus, commitment, and hard work. What distinguishes a successful entrepreneur from 95% of businesses that fail is not necessarily because those who didn’t succeed didn’t work as hard. It’s because the successful entrepreneurs had:

    * Access to game changing information which gave them a competitive edge
    * Access to capital and the support of investors
    * The mentorship of industry experts and collaborative peers
    * A system based approach to running a business efficiently
    * A mindset of success and abundance
    * A willingness to invest in their success

    By purchasing one of the Upgrade Packages to the Green Business Entrepreneurs Success Summit, you will get information and tools that people pay thousands of dollars for, for less than $200.

    Get the tools you need to grow a thriving green business today:
  • Green Business Entrepreneurs Success Summit Intro
    Register for This FREE Event Here:

    The Green Business Entrepreneurs Success Summit is an online telesummit designed to help entrepreneurs start grow a successful green business.

    Day 1 Opportunities in the Green Economy Ethical Marketplace

    Here we cover the state of the sustainable economy and socially responsible markets. We are going to look at the size of the LOHAS market and uncover the hottest market opportunities. We will discover extraordinary companies that are solving the world’s most pressing concerns. and learn how they succeeded.

    Day 2 From Visionary Business Idea to Thriving Green Enterprise
    How do you create a profitable business out of my irrational passion to make the world a better place? How do you transition from corporate to entrepreneurship? How do you highlight your environmental commitment without being guilty of greenwash? How trustyworthy are eco labels? Can certification both help us walk our talk AND make more sales?

    This series will help you identify your unique genius, leave your day job, create a business plan, and embark on your journey to financial freedom. Green branding experts show us how we can commit to ethical standards, design innovative earth friendly products, tell our sustainability story with authenticity.

    Day 3 How to Attract Investors for your Socially Responsible Business
    How do you find investors to fund your socially responsible business? From business plan competitions, to online fundraising tools and social venture funding, here’s a look at some funding options for social entrepreneurs and what it takes to attract investors.

    Day 4 Grow Your Good Business With Social Media Marketing
    Many small businesses complain that social media marketing just doesn t work for them. We say they are not using social media correctly. We are going to take a look at how a small organization can set up an effective social media command central, measure results, and show you examples of socially responsible businesses using social media to drive more traffic, leads, and sales.

    Day 5 Internet Marketing for Green Socially Responsible Businesses
    How do you reach more customers with a bootstrap budget? What kind of advertising campaigns make sense for company with a modest marketing budget? How can you get more visibility in search engines? How do you reach more customers with social media marketing?

    Small companies have been able to outrank and outmarket big competitors using lean and mean internet marketing strategies that don t cost a lot of money. We ll show you some of them.

    If you want to build a successful eco business or social enterprise, the Green Business Entrepreneurs Success Summit will give you loads of actionable business strategies and tactics for free.

    Register for This FREE Event Here:
  • The Art of Green Marketing for Sustainable Brands Park Howell, Park Co
    Did your logo just sprout a leaf? Does your sustainable brand rely on children, flowers, and the earth in cupped hands to communicate your green ness? If so, your green business may be guilty of one or more brand curdling green marketing cliches.

    Park Howell of Park Co, the Sustainability Storyteller, helps companies tell their sustainable story with authenticity, and originality.

    In this interview we cover:

    * Which companies tell their sustainability story well, without the hackneyed green marketing cliches
    * Big brands that are failing the “got green?” test
    * Successful examples of green marketing, where the “green” in the brand name actually works
    * Egregious examples of green wash, in products that have no business calling themselves green
    * Whether green marketing is really dead and if we should just give up

    This revealing discussion with several real world green marketing examples, ought to help you better define your green marketing strategies and bring you closer to becoming a remarkable sustainable brand
  • Runa Amazon Guayusa: A Social Enterprise That Empowers Indigenous Farmers in Ecuador
    Tyler Gage, President and Co founder of Runa Amazon Guayusa, shares how his experiences with the Kichwa people of the Amazon rainforest inspired him to found a social enterprise that exports sustainably harvested guayusa tea sourced from indigenous communities in Ecuador. Runa Amazon Guayusa tea company empowers indigenous peoples by allowing them to earn income by growing Guayusa on rainforest land that would otherwise be sold to loggers. Tyler explains the process of founding a social enterprise in a developing country, and offers advice for those interested in starting their own socially conscious business.
  • Starting a Profitable Green Online Business With Backyard Medicinal Herbs – John Gallagher,
  • How to Start an Online Platform that Matches Students with Mentors with Ashkon Jafari, of StudentMentor
    Working almost like a dating service for mentors and college students, StudentMentor is a nonprofit organization that helps to match people up to enhance the education process for anyone interested. Ashkon Jafari is the Co Founder and Executive Director of StudentMentor and has tons of wisdom to impart to those interested in discovering the ins and outs of establishing a nonprofit organization like this in the US.

    Read the full post here:
  • Sacred Commerce Meets Green Business Alexia Marcous, Dharma MS
    Dharma Merchant Services is an online merchant service provider with an ethical grounding like no other. Throughout her business, providing the accounts and equipment that businesses need in order to accept credit card payments, Alexia Marcous works to bring her ethics into focus. That means overcoming egregious contracts, undisclosed terms, cancellation fees, and bringing ethics back into the world of business. Check out this interview to find out why these principles are so central to Alexia’s entrepreneurial approach, including her thoughts on:

    * The benefits of incorporating the spiritual into your business
    * Using passive residual income to give back to the community
    * Balancing work and life demands
    * Why she chose to make her company a Certified B Corporation
    * The challenges and benefits of being a greener business and where to get a green certification

    She’ll also talk about her own personal journey of seeking to incorporate the sacred through right action and right livelihood into her daily life.
  • Leveraging Your Web Presence For Successful Eco Consulting
    In this episode of Q A Friday we ll tackle the challenging question of how to turn your passion into a financially sustainable eco consulting business, using your existing web presence. We are going to review Valentina s websites Project 333, Proyecto 333, and and give her some advice on how she can best balance her time between her bread and butter business social media consulting with her desire to grow her business as a workshop facilitator and personal organizer helping people simplify their lives, sustainably.
  • Joel Makower on the Biggest Developments in Green Business Green Jobs
    As the go to speaker and writer on all things green entrepreneurial, Joel Makower has had his fair share of start ups and working for mainstream businesses. He’s turned his vast business experience and passion for sustainability and the world of cleantech toward the development of GreenBiz Group Inc. where he is the co founder and chair. Makower is also the executive editor at, a leading resource for green businesses, green marketing, and green careers.

    In this interview with Green Marketing TV, Joel talks about some exciting developments in the world of green business and green jobs:

    * The development of the GreenBiz Executive Network, which includes 60 big companies.
    * The creation of the Clean Tech Investor Summit that brings together research and new developments in the world of renewable energies.
    * Should you go out and get a green MBA? Joel weighs in.
    * How to define a green job, trends in green careers, and how to find a green job.
    * What it takes to build sustainability into your existing job description or business model.


What Do Solar Panel Tariffs Mean For Solar Professionals?

What Do Solar Panel Tariffs Mean For US Solar Professionals?

21 March 2012 by

The US Commerce Department has found that China provided trade incentives on Chinese made solar panels for the US market, and that this was unfair to US solar panel manufacturers. The Commerce Department is in turn charging a tariff on all Chinese imports of modules starting this summer. Here are some answers to help understand…

Read the full story

Posted in Green Business, Green Tech, Solar Business10 Comments

Women entrepreneurs - kickboard teacher software

3 Inspiring Women Social Entrepreneurs Creating Transformational Tech

15 March 2012 by

It’s not often that you see women entrepreneurs working in the male-dominated tech space, but you’re about to meet three females who are bucking the norm and contributing to a greener economy in the process. These female social entrepreneurs are breaking the mold and takin’ names. Kickboard Software Helps Teachers Teach More Effectively Too often,…

Read the full story

Posted in Social Entrepreneurs14 Comments

Social entrepreneurs benefit with affiliate donations

Video Makers, Restaurants Give to Social Enterprises When You Buy

08 March 2012 by

Some ingenious and generous businesses have found creative ways to contribute to the work of social entrepreneurs and nonprofits when you choose to support their businesses. This one-for-you one-for-them approach to corporate social responsibility not only makes your purchases more fun, it makes them more community beneficial, too. Halfsies Restaurants to Donate to Nonprofits, Social…

Read the full story

Posted in Nonprofit Innovators, Social Entrepreneurs6 Comments

green printing

How to Assess the Green-ness of Your Green Printing Company

03 February 2012 by

With the transition to digital media being the norm, these days, one has to wonder if printed promotional campaigns can ever be green? Marrying tried-and-tested marketing methods with the responsibility of being a greener business can seem like a difficult task, particularly at a time when many companies are feeling the strain financially. One of…

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Posted in Go Green, Green Business, Green Marketing, Recycling15 Comments

social entrepreneur - detroit soup

Social Enterprises Provide Employment through Crowdfunding

31 January 2012 by

If traditional jobs are few and far between, why not find a way to employ people in unconventional ways? That’s what these social enterprises are doing – using creative solutions to provide direct funding for worthy projects. Whether they’re art groups, community organizations, or local charities, the point of these social enterprises is to put…

Read the full story

Posted in Social Entrepreneurs10 Comments

The Ethical EcoBiz Toolkit

Want to Be Featured in the Ethical EcoBiz Toolkit?

30 January 2012 by

Calling All Eco Entrepreneurs, Social Entrepreneurs, Sustainability Consultants, Green Businesses Owners Do you want to help me co-create the Ethical EcoBiz Toolkit? Not only will you get a chance to be featured in my upcoming book, you’ll get a chance to be featured in the Entrepreneurs for a Change podcast, which is awesome publicity. More…

Read the full story

Posted in Green Business, Green Entrepreneurs, Green Products, Social Entrepreneurs44 Comments


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