Guest Post

Do you have passion for or insight to the world of green business or social entrepreneurship? Do you have business or marketing knowledge that you would like to share with new entrepreneurs? If so, we would love to have you guest blog for us.

Why Guest Post?

Guest posting is great for the writer & the blog community. Green Marketing TV benefits from our guest bloggers by  offering different perspectives on green business and social enterprise, and growing our community.

For guest bloggers, guest posting is a great way to:

  • Share your unique perspective
  • Brand yourself as an expert
  • Contribute to a community that shares your passion for positive social change
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Get paid for blogging (for consistent bloggers)

Guest Blogging Topics

We only publish unique, well written guest posts that provide value to our audience of  green entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs, particularly early stage entrepreneurs. We are actively seeking guest posts about:

  • How to Do Marketing (Online, Offline, Social Media, SEO, SEM)
  • How to Do Social Networking. See our posts on social networking and Twitter to get an idea of what we are looking for.
  • How to Start a Green Business. Check out our posts on green business ideas.
  • How to do Green Marketing. We have tons of great green marketing articles.
  • Business Productivity Tools. We love to highlight business and marketing tools that make life easier for busy entrepreneurs.
  • Green & Social Entrepreneurship. We love stories about green entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs.
  • Green Business Insider Perspectives. You are a green economy insider and would like to share your perspectives on business trends. Please do not attempt to submit a post in this category if you are not savvy to sustainable business, because our audience is sophisticated. It is painful to review content written by sustainability amateurs trying to get links for online college degrees.
  • Innovative Green or Social Enterprise spotlights. For this category, we ask that you showcase 3 companies that demonstrate promise in a particular area, say upcycling, sharing, technology, etc. We rarely do single company spotlights unless it is an in depth, business insider interview.

What We Want & What We Don’t Want

We get a lot of guest blogging inquiries and cannot accommodate all content submissions, even for free. We respect the intelligence and discernment of our audience and only publish high quality content. To help you understand what we will happily publish, here’s a list of what we don’t want:


  • Submit extremely general articles about what online marketing is, especially if it is specifically SEO optimized for “online education”, or another topic that clearly doesn’t fit with our editorial content. We know what SEO, SEM, social media, and geolocation marketing is and that these marketing channels are valuable.
  • Submit “How to Go Green” articles oriented towards consumer lifestyles. We are B2B, not B2C.
  • Submit articles that have been published verbatim elsewhere. All content needs to pass the Copyscape test.
  • Submit articles with poor English grammar, syntax, and spelling.
  • Embed search results links into your post.


  • Share with us strategies, tactics and real world examples of how other green businesses, nonprofits & social enterprises use these channels to boost their business bottom line. Include screen captures.
  • Write compelling, original content in excellent English, with humor, insight, and style.
  • Do include on topic resource links within your post, and your off topic target link in your author byline.

How to Get Started Guest Blogging

  • Contact us with your post idea
  • If approved, you will be given a user name and password
  • Write your post, save it as a draft in wp-admin for review
  • If approved, you will be notified when it is published

Guest Post Editorial Guidelines

We ask that your guest post is:

  • Unique content
  • Between 300-1000 words
  • Structured into paragraphs with H3 headers
  • Has an opening and closing paragraph
  • Includes 2 eye catching images

You may have 3 links in the blog post. One link must be informational. Editorially, if you can’t work the link you want into the blog post, you may include it in your author byline. We do not allow search result links. No more than 1 link per unique domain. We reserve the right to link to one internal page on Green Marketing TV.

Feel free to Contact us if you have any questions.