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The Ethical EcoBiz Toolkit

Calling All Eco Entrepreneurs, Social Entrepreneurs, Sustainability Consultants, Green Businesses Owners Do you want to help me co-create the Ethical EcoBiz Toolkit? Not only will you get a chance to be featured in my upcoming book, you’ll get a chance to be featured in the Entrepreneurs for a Change podcast, which is awesome publicity. More…

From Niche Market Research to Green Product Design – Clearly Filtered

clearly filtered water bottles

Some entrepreneurs create a business around their passion.  They firmly believe if they follow their passion, the money will follow. Other entrepreneurs research the market, then create a business based on a gap, or need in the market. IMHO, these guys are the truly savvy entrepreneurs. Because they’re not personally attached to their business idea,…

Runa Amazon Guayusa: A Social Enterprise That Empowers Indigenous Farmers in Ecuador [VIDEO]

runa amazon guayusa tea

A few months ago, I visited the Ecuador offices of Runa Amazon Guayusa, a social enterprise founded by a friend from the SF Bay Area, Tyler Gage. Now Tyler’s story has a special place in my heart because it was I who introduced Tyler to the Mamallactas, a family of Kichwa shamans from Ecuador, who…

How Green are Your Promotional Products?

eco promotional products

As a green business owner or sustainable brand, having a greener trade show may be high on your priority list. From generating less trash, to giving away greener swag, there are many ways to lighten your trade show eco footprint. The promotional gifts industry has been awash with so called “green” promotional products over the…

Another Greener Groupon: GreenDeals Green Entrepreneur Delivers Daily Eco Offers


In another bid to bring greener products and services to eco-minded consumers, GreenDeals, another groupon-style website with a sustainability twist, offers discounts and deals (which are 30-60% off retail price) from national green businesses. The new site offers two types of green deals: 1.       A GreenDeal Coupon which is purchased on our site and…

Green Marketing Messages from the Sign Down: Starr Studios and Sustainable Signage

green entrepreneur - Sean Starr, sustainable signs

Sean Starr started out with nothing but his motorcycle, some paint, and a few brushes. But over the years, this green entrepreneur has developed a unique and thriving sustainable signage business, Starr Studios. Working in a niche market, Sean is on a journey to discovering the ins and outs of marketing a small green business…

8 Green & Socially Conscious Online Bookstores


By J.D. Lasica Socialbrite.org Most of us in the green and social good communities face the recurring question: Where should I buy my books — online or in the local community? And: How much more am I willing to pay to buy from an indie publisher or a green publishing house? Let’s begin with offline….

From Social Work to Social Justice through Fair Trade, Organic Coffee: Interview with Green River Coffee

Fair Trade, Organic Coffee - Green River Coffee

Developing a perfectly brewed cup of coffee was a personal passion that Tricia Richens turned into a business passion. Creating Green River Coffee allowed her to combine her desire to make a difference for impoverished communities while doing something she loved. It turned out to be the perfect recipe for this green entrepreneur! Can you…

Lip Smacking Green Products: Interview with Eco Lips

Eco Lips - Green Entrepreneur Interview

This green entrepreneur story started in a classic way: with love in the air. Boy meets soap-making girl, falls in love with her (and her soaps), and eventually Eco Lips was born. We wanted to know how such a thriving green business got started and where it is today, so we interviewed Rob Shriver, Eco…

Sumilao Corn Coffee: Transforming Women’s Lives in the Philippines through Social Entrepreneurship


Turning corn into coffee? This traditional beverage, made and served by Filipino farmers for decades, is now the central theme in a new social enterprise started by Carmela “Cheenee” Otarra. Small farmers are often women with children who are busy with a multitude of tasks. Some even have to fight to keep their land. But…

Gaming For Good: The Gamification of Social Change


One of the hottest trends of 2010 was “gamification.” Gamification is the practice of adding game mechanics such as points, badges, levels, leaderboards, and rewards to everyday activities. Gaming is a tremendously popular hobby among both sexes and nearly all age groups. It’s also a tremendously time consuming hobby. In 2003, people spent a total…

Individual Producers for Sustainable Shopping: Ethikl Marketplace Interview

Eco-friendly gifts through Ethikl Marketplace

Fair trade, eco-friendly marketplaces are popping up all over the world, with Ethikl Marketplace one of the newest developments in Australia.  Peita Gardiman, green entrepreneur and founder of Ethikl Marketplace, is working hard to bring eco-friendly, socially-responsible products handmade by individual producers to the online marketplace. We were curious to about the benefits of working…

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