Passion for Herbs to Profitable Online Green Business – [VIDEO]

Interested in starting a green online business that allows you to work from home? There are many different models for green online businesses, such as eco consulting, e-commerce, and digital info products. Info product marketing is a fantastic way to turn your unique sustainability genius into a profitable, Internet business. Digital products, once created, have…

Q&A Friday: Best SEO Friendly E-Commerce Platform on a Tight Budget

lorna li

I know it’s been a loooong while since I published Q&A Friday, and I have to apologize for my overzealousness in announcing this series BEFORE I went to the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, where the Internet is a crappy, crappy thing. When it’s exceedingly hot, humid, and mosquitoes descend upon you the moment you are still…

Are O-Pod Garden Offices Actually Greener?


It depends. Small, separate garden offices like the O-Pod are becoming ever popular with telecommuting enthusiasts and green entrepreneurs around the world (Europe in particular). These small, independent buildings are often situated in the home garden to provide not only physical separation from home life, but also to provide a pleasant and visually appealing view…

10 Green Internet Business Ideas for 2011


Starting an internet business is a great opportunity for eco-conscious entrepreneurs. Because most internet businesses can be started from home, they reduce the need for resource consumption from heating, cooling, and commuting to an office. At the same time, however, many internet businesses contribute to environmental problems by encouraging people to purchase products that are…

How To Start a Green Design Business on Zazzle


A Zazzle shop can be a great green business opportunity for artists and designers, and an opportunity for non-profits and social enterprises to promote their cause while earning extra money. is a online print-on-demand service that allows users to upload images to the site in order to create any of hundreds of different products,…

How To Start a Green Toy Business


With concerns on the rise about lead content and other toxins in toys from China, a growing number of parents are turning to non-toxic, eco-friendly alternatives. If you love toys and the environment, consider starting a green toy business. Different Types of Green Toy Businesses There are a number of different types of toy business…

How To Become an Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress Designer

A selection of eco-friendly wedding dresses from

Green weddings are all the rage thanks to a new generation of eco-conscious brides and grooms. One of the trickiest issues for some couples wishing to go green on their special day is to find a wedding dress as eco-friendly as it is beautiful. If you love bridal fashions, becoming an eco-friendly wedding dress designer…

How To Start an Eco-Friendly Consignment Shop


If you love shopping, you probably already know that consignment shops are one of the most cost-effective and eco-friendly ways to shop. A surprising number of people replace clothes after only a few wearings, and consignment shops give a second life to these gently used discards. For shoppers, consignment shops are a great place to…

How To Start a Home-Based Permaculture Design Business


Permaculture is an approach to the design and maintenance of landscapes and communities that seeks to mimic the relationships found in natural ecosystems. The permaculture system was developed in the 1970’s by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, though elements of permaculture design have been used by different cultures around the world for thousands of years….

Achieving Credibility Within Your Green Entrepreneurial Self-Presentation

Sustainability and growth

Whether you wish to raise capital, increase shareholders value or demonstrate integrity within your industrial sector, green businesses’ self-presentation, namely the mission statements, values and vision, has to be wisely thought, words carefully picked to achieve credibility. Corporate entities are building the meaning of their identities through advertisement and self-presentation. It is essential in nowadays…

How To Start a Home Upcycling Business

An Etsy Treasury featuring upcycled products

Upcycling is the process of converting trash and other waste materials into new materials or products of better quality than the products they started as. A classic example of an upcycled product is recycled designer handbags made from materials such as old candy bar wrappers, soda pop tops, and seat belts. Upcycling has many environmental…

How To Start a Home-Based Organic Herb Business


Herbs are annual or perennial plants with savory, aromatic, or medicinal qualities. They include both popular culinary herbs such as basil, rosemary, thyme, and peppermint, and lesser known ones such as bee balm, pennyroyal, and vervain. A home-based organic herb business is a great green business opportunity that benefits the environment while filling your customers’…

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