Green Businesses – It’s Time to Succeed


Are you a green business owner or social entrepreneur who believes you can make a positive impact in the world without going broke? Have you always longed to start a sustainable business, but you are not quite sure how to do it, or don’t know what you want to sell? Whether you are an aspiring…

Green Business Ideas for Eco Entrepreneurs With a Small Budget

low cost green business ideas - wind power affiliate sales

Learning how to start a green business with a small startup budget is a perfect opportunity for an entrepreneur. There’s a lot of money to be made in the “green” industry and the added bonus is that your business can lead to helping the earth while you make money. You may start a green business…

Joel Makower on the Biggest Developments in Green Business & Green Jobs [VIDEO]

joel makower

As the go-to speaker and writer on all things green entrepreneurial, Joel Makower has had his fair share of start-ups and working for mainstream businesses. He’s turned his vast business experience and passion for sustainability and the world of cleantech toward the development of GreenBiz Group Inc. where he is the co-founder and chair. Makower…

Solar Leasing – A Lucrative Green Business Opportunity


One Block Off the Grid announced last week that it was now offering leases for solar panel installations in addition to solar system purchases. With the solar leasing market getting more competitive, is there room for more green entrepreneurs to get in on the action? Starting a solar leasing company is a great green business…

How To Start an Organic Flower Business


An organic flower business is a great green business opportunity for anyone with a green thumb and a love of beauty. Why Organic Flowers? Currently, most cut flowers sold in the United States are grown in Latin American countries such as Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru. The laws governing use of chemical pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides…

How To Start a Green Taxi Service

One of Dublin's pedal powered ecocabs

Taxis provide a useful service for travelers and help urban dwellers go green by reducing their need to own a car of their own. Unfortunately, until fairly recently, most taxis got poor gas mileage – averaging 10-15 miles per gallon – and were major contributors to local air pollution. For example, taxis are estimated to…

Unique Green Business Ideas For Vegetarians and Vegans

Vegan cupcakes are a big hit at many vegan bakeries!

One of the biggest environmental problems in the world today is the way modern farmers raise the meat, milk, and eggs we eat. As sustainable agriculture guru Wendell Berry once observed, when we took animals off farms and put them onto feedlots, we replaced an elegant solution – crops feed animals and animal waste feeds…

5 Unique Green Business Ideas For the International Year of Forests


For decades, forest conservation and restoration has been the main province of environmental organizations and other non-profits, but a growing number of businesses and for profit social enterprises are beginning to step up to the challenge. If you are passionate about forests, here are some unique green business opportunities to consider: Landscaping with trees. As…

5 Unique Green Business Ideas in Sustainable Biofuel Production

Could the energy farms of the future look like this?

Biofuels have gotten a lot of attention recently due to the promise they show as a renewable energy source. Unfortunately, several of the current most popular sources of biofuels are not considered to be very sustainable. Palm oil plantations in Southeast Asia are among the primary culprits in the massive deforestation of the native rainforest,…

10 Green Internet Business Ideas for 2011


Starting an internet business is a great opportunity for eco-conscious entrepreneurs. Because most internet businesses can be started from home, they reduce the need for resource consumption from heating, cooling, and commuting to an office. At the same time, however, many internet businesses contribute to environmental problems by encouraging people to purchase products that are…

How To Start a Green Burial Service


Many people dream of being laid to rest in a beautiful wilderness area, especially one that had some special meaning in life. Thanks to green burial services, this dream is becoming reality for a growing number of people. What Is a Green Burial Service? Modern burial and end of life practices are not very eco-friendly….

How To Start a Green Burger Joint


The sustainable food movement is best known for its association with “slow food,” but as a growing number of consumers are looking for more healthy, sustainable food choices, a growing number of restaurants are catering to eco-conscious professionals and families in need of a quick bite to eat. Organic lunch trucks are capitalizing on the…

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