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Do you have a social enterprise or green business? Then you also have a great story to tell. Here at Green Marketing TV we want to uncover the challenges and the triumphs of launching a triple bottom line business, and share your success stories with aspiring green and social entrepreneurs all over the world. Here’s how you can tell your story:

Get Interviewed by Green Marketing TV

If you are interested in getting interviewed by Green Marketing TV, contact us and we will send you 5-10 thought provoking questions about your green business or social enterprise. While our questions are uniquely tailored for the specific organization, are some example questions you can expect:

  • Are you profitable? If not, what is your timeline to profitability?
  • How did you finance your green business, social enterprise, or nonprofit?
  • How do you find clients and market your products?
  • How are you able source sustainable, fair trade products from marginalized communities in developing countries?
  • What sustainable business solutions do you provide and where do you find your clients?
  • How do you measure the impact of your marketing campaigns, and what metrics do you track?
  • What social media marketing strategies work the best for you?
  • How do you build your email list?

How to Be Considered for an Interview

Please bear in mind that we get a lot of interview requests. Please indicate your business URL and tell us why you think your organization is worthy of being featured.

Here are the kinds of organizations that we typically cover:

  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Green entrepreneurs & green businesses
  • Green marketing & advertising agencies
  • Sustainability consultancies
  • Nonprofits that support entrepreneurship
  • Nonprofits with an earned income strategy
  • Nonprofits that leverage innovative technologies and solutions for social & environmental impact

What You Can Do For Us

It’s our pleasure to uncover the amazing stories of nonprofit innovators, green and social entrepreneurs. If you’d like to show your appreciation for our efforts, we ask that you consider:

  • Using the Stumble Upon URL shortener to shorten & share your post. This will help drive StumbleUpon traffic
  • Reviewing the post in StumbleUpon and giving it a thumbs up
  • Tweeting the post to your followers
  • Retweeting Tweets about your post
  • Bookmarking your post on Delicious, Digg, Diigo and other social bookmarking or news sites.
  • Liking the post and sharing it on Facebook

These simple actions will help make your free press go even further.

Get Featured on Our Upcoming “Entrepreneurs for a Change” Podcast

Get your 40 minutes of Internet fame with Green Marketing TV. You answer our thought provoking questions, we promote your green business.

If you want to be featured on our 40 minute “Entrepreneurs for a Change” podcast, we ask that you:

  1. First, participate in a blog interview. After the blog interview is published, we ask that you place a Featured on Green Marketing TV badge on your site.
  2. After the badge is placed, our editors will add you to our podcast calendar.
  3. You will receive a more comprehensive set of questions which will be asked during the podcast interview.
  4. The interview will be conducted over Skype, via webcam. The video recording will be output to video and audio formats.
  5. The video and audio will be finished and uploaded to various video & audio sharing sites.
  6. From there, we will promote your green business through YouTube, iTunes, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, and many other social media sites.

Ready to share your story? Contact Green Marketing TV for an interview today.

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