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How To Start a Green Cleaning Service

Opening a green cleaning service is a great business opportunity for cleaning professionals who want to make a difference. Green cleaning services are increasingly in demand from private homeowners, eco innkeepers, and other green business owners concerned about the safety and environmental effects of conventional cleaning products.

Why Start a Green Cleaning Service?

Many conventional cleaning products contain dangerous chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia, formaldehyde, and hydrochloric acid. They can produce unhealthy fumes that contribute to indoor air pollution and can leave toxic residues on surfaces, including kitchen counters, bathtubs, and carpets. Some of these toxins are associated with respiratory diseases, skin conditions, neurological problems, reproductive problems, cancer, and poisoning, among other serious health concerns. These chemicals are especially dangerous for young children, pets, and adults with chemical sensitivities (an estimated 15% of the population). They can also hurt employees. Every year 6% of janitors and house cleaners are injured by cleaning supplies at least once.

Conventional cleaning products also harm the environment, especially when they are poured down the drain. Many water treatment plants cannot adequately treat household toxins, so they can damage the health of marine ecosystems or contaminate drinking water downstream.

What Kinds of Products Does an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service Use?

Green cleaning services use cleaning products that are non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for both human and environmental health. Many use only products that are Green Seal Certified. Green seal is an independent non-profit organization that certifies green products, including cleaning supplies, based on a rigorous set of standards designed to protect human and environmental health.

Popular green cleaning product brands include Seventh Generation, Earth Friendly Products, and Green Works. Other green cleaners mix their own products. These cleaning products are gentle yet effective and contain natural ingredients such as essential oils, citric acid, baking soda, vinegar, and glycerine.

Green cleaning services also typically use HEPA filter vacuums to improve indoor air quality and offer steam cleaning for rugs, a safe, chemical-free alternative to toxic chemical cleaners.

Eco-friendly cleaning services can go green in other ways as well, from using energy-efficient vacuums and other equipment, to printing brochures on recycled paper.

Three Successful Green Cleaning Services

The Maid Brigade is a nation-wide green cleaning service that not only offers a full range of eco-friendly cleaning services for private homes, it also has an extensive website called Green Clean Certified with educational videos and other information about the dangerous chemicals found in conventional cleaners and how they can affect your health. If you suspect you might be “house-sick” as a result of the toxic cleaners you use in your homes, the videos can help you find safer alternative cleaners to use.

Another popular nationwide green cleaning service is The Cleaning Authority, which uses Green Seal Certified cleaning products, HEPA filter vacuums, and microfiber rags, which are more durable than regular cleaning rags, reducing waste. Microfiber rags also clean better, because they capture dust and dirt particles in the fibers, rather than simply spreading them around. The Cleaning Authority uses an exclusive Detail-Clean Rotation System to ensure a spotless home.

An example of a successful local cleaning service is Green Hawaii Cleaning, based on Hawaii’s Big Island. The wet tropical climate of Hawaii requires special care to prevent mold growth, and Green Hawaii Cleaning offers power washing services as well as a standard repertoire of green cleaning services for private homes and small businesses. Because Hawaii is such an important vacation destination, Green Hawaii Cleaning also caters to the local community by offering check-in and check-out cleaning for vacation homes and rentals. In addition to Green Seal certified eco-friendly cleaning supplies, Green Hawaii

Cleaning, also mixes some of its own products with essential oils such as lavender and tea tree oil.