Passion for Herbs to Profitable Online Green Business – [VIDEO]

Interested in starting a green online business that allows you to work from home? There are many different models for green online businesses, such as eco consulting, e-commerce, and digital info products. Info product marketing is a fantastic way to turn your unique sustainability genius into a profitable, Internet business. Digital products, once created, have low overhead. Once your sales funnel it set up and optimized, you can literally make money while you sleep.

However, there’s a lot of work that goes into creating this kind of online business, and many pitfalls that keep aspiring entrepreneurs spinning their wheels.

In this interview, John Gallagher, creator of the WildCraft! An Herbal Adventure board game and founder of, walks us through what it took for him to set up his online empire selling digital information products related to medicinal herbs.

If you are interesting in launching an Internet business based on productizing your knowledge, listen to this interview and learn:

  • How to create, produce, and distribute a small run, specialty board game
  • The pitfalls of manufacturing hard goods in China
  • What it takes to develop a responsive, high quality email list of customers who will by from you over and over
  • Successful product launch secrets – email sequencing, surveys, and product beta testing
  • Essential free tools in getting your info product business off the ground
  • Why perfection is the Internet entrepreneur’s biggest obstacle

If you want the insider’s scoop on how John successfully markets his business,  go to and sign up for his email list. Be sure to connect with John Gallagher on Facebook and Twitter.

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About John Gallagher

john gallagherJohn Gallagher is a five element acupuncturist and herbalist who founded with his wife Kimberly in 2005. He’s worked over 20 years connecting people to nature, and their products teach people about herbs, home remedies, and learning the plants of ones area. It’s herbal medicine made simple, for everyone. offers the Herbal Medicine Making Kit and the Wildcraft herbal board game all the time. is their community mentoring membership site for all experience levels. has many free courses, ebooks and articles. They also offer specialty courses with notable herbalists from time to time, such as Culinary Herbalism with KP Khalsa, president of the American Herbalist Guild as well as Herb Energetics with Kiva Rose.

Just to go to to download our free courses and ebooks, such as Supermarket Herbalism or the Healing Herbs eBook, which teaches 23 of the most important herbs to know through simple remedy and recipe making.



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