Make Your Event or Conference Eco-friendly

Conferences and events can be the source of much waste and environmental damage. Yours does not need to be that way, however. If you have a plan to make your events greener, then you can increase your company’s popularity while saving the earth.

Assign a “Green Leader” or a “Green Committee”
By placing this task in specific hands, you are more likely to accomplish your green goals. Committees can work together to make things happen that one individual cannot.

Come Up with a Specific Plan
Having a plan in place will increase the likelihood that you will “pull off” the green event. Talk to your food service providers and vendors to make sure they are on board with your green requirements.

Choose Green Advertising Efforts
Rather than using excess amount of paper on direct mail pieces, choose non-paper options. Email newsletters are an excellent place to promote your events. Social networking sites like Facebook offer event invitations that give the option of instant RSVP. Or advertise in print that is already going to be printed. For instance, promote your event in the newspaper or local magazines. For those events that cannot avoid advertising through posters or flyers, just make sure that you use a printing company that uses environmentally sound practices. Check out this link on how to use LinkedIn, another social networking site, to promote your brand.

Encourage Smart Transportation
If your event is not in a hotel, try to find a place that is within walking distance from hotels. When driving is necessary, encourage your attendees to carpool. Consider a shuttle that carries large amounts of people from one location to the next.

Use Only Recyclable Materials
When you must use paper, make sure it is printed on both sides and that it is recycled or recyclable. Drinks should be in recyclable containers. Set out recycling bins in very visible locations.

Food Service Can Be More Green
Talk to your food service providers about using local and seasonal foods only. Also ask them to team up with a local food bank so that excess food can be donated and put to use. Waste can be reduced by eliminating single use table clothes and dishes. Compost should also be available for produce waste.

Have Fun with Green Gifts
Vendors can really have fun with the green idea. Gifts should be well thought out so that they are usable as well as environmentally friendly. By choosing items that will not end up in the trash, vendors can contribute to the reduction of waste.

When everyone at the event is aware of your efforts to make the event green, then everyone can make a difference. If they feel like they are part of a team, individuals are more likely to do their part.


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