9 Tools To Back Up Your Social Media Data

It’s no question that the Internet can be a fickle beast. What’s going to be hot (or not) from one minute to the next is anyone’s guess. 2010 saw several previously prominent social media giants stumble. It’s likely that 2011 will lead to a whole new social media landscape, with some services and applications succeeding while others fail. You wouldn’t send a press release or direct mail piece out in the world without a back-up copy, why should your social media content be any different?

If your business relies on social media as a primary form of marketing, you might want to consider a contingency plan for your content. Here are some of the best tools for backing up your blog, Twitter feed and Facebook page.

Capturing Your Tweets

If you’ve become a prolific tweeter, try one of the following to help you keep all your words in one place:

TwapperKeeper logo1. TwapperKeeper is a nifty little tool that allows you to create a tweet archive for any hashtag, keyword or individual you choose. You can also create a collection of archives if you have more than one you’d like to keep track of. TwapperKeeper is currently archiving over one billion tweets of some 14,000 hashtags, keywords or people. It’s also super easy to use and once you create an archive, it keeps doing the work for you.

Archivist Logo2. The Archivist is another tweet capture program that allows you to archive tweets and analyze them later. The Archivist gives you two built in visualization and also lets you export your tweets into an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis. The Archivist is a Windows based application but does have a web-based version for Mac users or those with mobile acess.

Twistory logo3. Twistory adds your tweets directly into calendar format, so you can get a real-time picture of your personal Twitter diary. Twistory has both basic (free) version as well as a premium version. Unlike the first two, you do need to have your own Twitter account to use Twistory.

Farming Your Facebook Data

Recently, Facebook made it easier for users to manage their profile data, allowing you to download it in the form of a zip file. Under Account Settings, look for the Download Your Information tab. If you’d like more of a back up, try out one of these:

SocialSafe logo4. SocialSafe in a digital diary that allows you download and save all of your Facebook data, but it also works for Twitter too. Capture data from both you and your friends, including photos, friends’ data and profile data. SocialSafe is a Adobe based desktop application, which means it will work on both Mac and Windows platforms. To best suit your needs, SocialSafe has both a free and Pro version.

ArchiveFacebook logo5. ArchiveFacebook is a plugin for Firefox that lets you create an archive of all your Facebook data, including friends, photos, messages, updates and more. ArchiveFacebook lets you browse your back up copy as if it were a real Facebook page. However, it doesn’t automatically update as you update, so prepare to make frequent copies.

Facepad6. Facebook Photo Album Downloader (FacePAD) is another Firefox plugin that allows you to download Facebook data directly to your hardrive. FacePAD is perfect if photos are the only thing you want to keep out of your Facebook page. The upshot, it’s super fast and easy to use. The downside is it doesn’t give you many options for what you want to do with the photos.

Backing up Your Blog

When it comes to blogs, it’s likely that you already have a back up in place in the form of an editorial calendar, Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. If you’re looking for a bit more, try one of these:

Blogbackupr logo7. BlogBackupr gives you the capability to back up any blog that has an RSS feed. BlogBackupr is a free service that will provide you with a daily backup of all posts and comments. If you lose your data, BlogBackupr has a one-click restore for Blogger and WordPress blogs.

blogvault logo8. blogVault is a free service that lets you create a back up of your WordPress blog, letting you store all aspects of your WP blog for easy backup. With blog Vault, you can capture both content and style elements including posts, pages, images, comments, themes, stylesheets, plugins and more.

Managing Multiple Social Media Programs

Backupify logo9. Backupify is the place to go if you’re looking for one service to “manage your online life.” Backupify will capture every Tweet, post, comment, update, photo, document, email, or any other peep you’ve ever made online. Backupify works with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, WordPress, Blogger, Google applications such as Docs and Calendar, and a whole host of other applications. There is a free version if you use less than 2GB of storage.

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