The Ultimate List of Top Social Enterprise Twitter Users

Twitter is a great tool for social entrepreneurs but in order to get the most out of it, it is important to know how to make the best use of its features.

If you are interested in connecting with other social entrepreneurs, one feature you absolutely must understand is hashtags. A “hashtag” is a hash mark connected to a word or phrase that is used to tag tweets. For example, one of the most popular hashtags for social enterprise related tweets is #SocEnt. Hashtags makes it easier to discover the tweets and Twitter users you are looking for. To make things easier for you in your endeavor to find the “Twitterati” in your niche, we have put together a list of some of the leading social enterprise hashtags.

Common Hashtags Used by Social Enterprise Twitter Users

  • General – #SocEnt, #socialenterprise, #entrepreneurs, #socialbusiness
  • Bottom of the pyramid and poverty alleviation – #BOP (projects aimed at creating at the “bottom of the pyramid), #bopbiz, #propoor, #Poverty
  • Social businesses and productivity tools – #changemakers, #socialadvertising, #csr, #neweconomy
  • Social enterprise, volunteer and nonprofit projects – #socialgood, #cause, #volunteer, #4change, #giveback, #dogood, #crisiscommons
  • Nonprofits & foundations – #nonprofit, #philanthropy, #charity, #charitytuesday, #nptech, #foundation, #grant
  • Social enterprise for green technology and climate change – #sustainability, #green, #eco, #earthtweet, #climate, #solar, #Environment
  • Social justice and human rights – #humanrights, #poverty, #hunger, #aid, #health, #humantrafficking, #fairtrade
  • Technology in Social Enterprise – #m4change (or Mobile for Change – using mobile internet devices for social businesses), #i4c (internet for change)
  • Social Finance – #Microfinance (microfinance focused conversations), #socap, #sofinance

Tools for Measuring a Twitter Users Reach and Influence

You looked for the right hashtags, and found a host of interesting tweets and Twitter users using them. Since there is a limit to the number of people you can follow on Twitter, it is a good idea to analyze which users are most influential in the niches you are interested on in order to help you make more informed decisions about which Twitter users to follow. Here are a few services that can help you do just that.

  • Twitalyzer

Twitalyzer is a free service that works for any Twitter account and gives you information about their impact score (percentile score) and the type of influencer they are. The summary can easily be accessed by signing in with your Twitter account.

  • Klout

Klout gives you information about the reach, amplification, network, influential topics, top tweets, etc of a Twitter user. It presents an overview of the data in an interesting matrix. The summary is available without signing in but to get access to their score analysis and content analysis you must sign in with your Twitter account.

  • Tweet reach

The results of Tweet reach are limited to the most recent tweets and show the reach and type of tweets. The full report is also available but needs a payment.

  • Twitter grader

Twitter grader shows the bio, location, history and the number of followers of the Twitter user you are researching.

Twitter pack

Top Social Enterprise Twitter Users

Here is a list of the top social enterprise twitter users organized into different niches, arranged alphabetically, so the relative position of any Twitter user in the list is not an indicator of their relative influence. Some Twitter accounts, such as @lend4health, might  qualify for more than two categories but have been mentioned in the category that we felt was best suited to their tweets.

  • Social entrepreneurs, social enterprise organizations and supporting organizations(47)

@acumenfund @afrigadget @appafrica @ashokatweets @BeUnreasonable @camfed @casefoundation @ Catchafire @changemakers @ConsciousChange @civicventures @Davidbeckwith @echoinggreen @endovershoot @ forimpact @ HUB_Global @ideablob @ janejohnson @ JCCapelli @ JoeDeLoss @JRandomF @kjer @kenyanpundit @ KooDooZ @leila_c @mattflannery @nciia @nextbillion @ OperationOF @optINnow @ Osize @ PartnershipWalk @ Project 7 @SchSocEnt @Socap09 @socialcitizen @socialearth @socialedge @skollfoundation @ SociallyDriven @staceymonk @sustainablog @thinkchangeind @UnLtd @vppartners @waterpartners @worldchanging

  • Social Entrepreneurship Guides/ News/ Networking/ support (30)

@afine @asheen @ Aspen Institute @bbravo @ B Corporation @BOPreneur @ cansar @CauseGlobal @entrep_thinking @hildygottlieb @ Invisible Work @ Jacqueline Novogratz @jessicashortall @kanter @ KevinDoyleJones @mashable @ Montero @netsquared @nesta_uk @newprofit @ RachelStrohm @socialactions @socialbusiness @socialgood, @SVNetwork @SVTgroup @TechSoup @Ventureneer @webb @WorkingWikily

  • Philanthropy guides (19)

@atlascorps @dosomething @e180 @fdncenter @gatesfoundation @globalgiving @idealist @ jessamynlau @Philanthropy @OnPhilanthropy @p2173 @Philanthropy411 @philosopher20 @pndblog @startingbloc @ sashadichter@tactphil @takepart

  • Health and environment (5)

@ laurenfinzer @ stevejennings @ alannashaikh @SHEnterprises @lend4health

Have we missed any #socent Twitter users that ought to be on this list? If so, please add your recommendations in the comments below.

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