The Ultimate List of Top Green Twitter Power Users

Need help finding and growing your green Twitter network? If so, this post is for you! We’re going to cover Twitter tools you can use to find other eco minded Twitter users, common green Twitter hash tags to help you find green Tweets & help your green Tweets get found, and kick off a green Twitter Follow Fest to help you connect to Green Twitter Power Users. Help us create an awesome green Twitter community, today!

How to Discover Twitter Lists?

Twitter lists make it easier to find the right content in a mass of messages jostling for eyeballs. You do not need to laboriously creating your own Twitter list. Several nifty tech tools are available to let you find the right Twitter lists.

Google search
Search Google using the following search term “*/tag of interest”. This search term instructs Google’s search engine to return results from a single site – Twitter. Replace ‘tag of interest’ after ‘*/’  with the right tag. For example, to find green Twitter users you could search “*/green”.


You can search for Twitter lists by using a popular tag or search for your own tag. Searching wefollow for the tag “Green” showed 4057 users on 12 October and ranked them in two ways – ‘Most influential’ and ‘Most followers’.  When it came to measuring influence, Tree hugger with 64,724 followers topped the list while the EcoInteractive with 104,191 followers occupied the fourth position.


Like wefollow, Twellow has a list of categories and subcategories on its main page. You can pick a suitable category or search for a list with your own search terms.


Listatlas shows most popular, fastest growing and new lists on its main page.

Want more Twitter lists? Use the search box at the bottom of the Listatlas home page.


Listorious is another great tool to discover Twitter lists by region, profession or topic. With Listorious you can find experts on any topic and even interview them. Asking questions through Listorious helps you organize content like a magazine interview.

TweetFind Twitter Lists

Tweet Find Twitter Lists organizes Twitter lists by categories like music, books, celebrities, environmentalism etc. Clicking on the environmentalism tag leads you to the search result. The results appear in two columns – the one on the left is organized randomly while the one on the right has the top listed names in a category. TreeHugger and EcoInteractive occupy the first and the second spot on the most influential list. Want a new list? Type in a keyword in the search box and get going.


Tlists is a good tool to find relevant Twitter lists. You can search, curate, join and follow top Twitter lists with this tool. A search for ‘Green’ shows a super list and several lists. The super list is a list with real time updating and it shows the most frequently listed Twitter users.

Common Hashtags Used by Green Twitter Users

General – #Environment #green #sustainable #susty #ecofriendly #ecology #planet #earth #conservation #eco #ecoedu
Recycling – #rcycl #recycling #reuse #reduce
Alternative Energy – #Solar #wind #EV #energy #alternative #hybrid energy
Climate change – #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming #co2 #emissionreduction

Green Twitter Follow Fest

Now that we’ve gotten you started with connecting with great green Tweeple, here are 7 easy steps on how you can keep the ball rolling and do your bit to co-create an awesome green Twitter community.

  1. Follow our list of green Twitter power users below. We’ve made it easy for you to ID topics they Tweet about, if you want to be selective.
  2. If you are an eco Twitter user, start by leaving your Twitter handle in comments, and any other green Tweeple you want to give props to. A comment on why you and they are awesome and cool will help people remember you.
  3. Then follow everyone indicated in this blog post.
  4. Share this post on Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon, etc to help others find & connect with the green Twitter community
  5. Now that you are connected, retweet green Tweets often, & make sure you keep the retweet love going
  6. Give thanks & appreciation to green retweeter on #EcoMonday and #FollowFriday #FF
  7. Rinse, lather, & repeat

Get Started Connecting with Top Green Twitter Power Users

Let the Follow Fest begin! Follow these awesome green Tweeple we’ve identified and organized by topic areas.

Green Companies and News about green companies (9)

@OrganicLife @inhabitat @EcoLady @StartupReport @greenforyou @DailyMeGreen @changemaker1 @echoinggreen @FreshDialogues

Green Products and News about Green Products (9)

@PristinePlanet @I_buy_green @naturalpod @EtsyEarth @cleancartalk @greenbizdaily @workingforgreen @PristinePlanet @EnvironUpdates

Sustainable life style and Business Strategies (21)

@EcoGlam @greenerpenny @greencelebrity @greenexoticcar @NewsOnGreen @derekmarkham @do_ecoliving @travelinggreen @green_connect @PureNaturalDiva @4GreenPs @TaigaCompany @derekmarkham @GreenTechnology @greendreamin @sustainable6765 @myEARTH360 @sustainablog @B Corporation @SustainableBiz @appropedia

Green Food and other green tips (11)

@organicconnect @EarthCafe @realfoodmedia @Veganbaking @GreenSoil @the_daily_green @easygreenstore @AGreenLady @EFPClean @TheEcofoodie @Cheaplikeme

Pollution and Climate change (17)

@ClimaTweets @greenroofsuk @JoeNyangon @CarbonNews @carbonmeme @Revkin @WWF_Climate @tcktcktck @climateprogress @dotearth @TreeHugger @350 @RayBeckerman @ABCEnvironment @greenmeme @LATenvironment @Worldchanging

Green Energy and Energy Efficiency (23)

@ecohouses @FreeEnergyEarth @altenergyjobs @EnergyNewsHeds @TheGreenForum @AltEnergyWebPar @do_ecoliving @easygreenstore @enviroart @GreenEnergyNews @BeGreenWithSolr @environmentnews @BeGreenWithSolr @solarfeeds @AlternativeNRG @engagejoe @frankejames @solarfeeds @cleantechnica @ThePhoenixSun @NobleFreshEnerg @PVAddict @MariaEnergia

Green Thinkers (10)

@thegreengod @randyrichmond@TheEcoist @dcarli @HD_EcoDave @jetsongreen@msoeden @makower @greenwombat @MarcGunther

Are You A Green Tweeter? Add Yourself to the List

Have we missed any #green Twitter influencers? Did we somehow leave you off the list? Please add your Twitter URL (like this: in a comment (not headline, but comment so it becomes a live link) and follow everyone else as well. This is a living list, so check back a few times a week as the list of names keeps growing.

Main image credit – Touchthestar09

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