How To Become an Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress Designer

Green weddings are all the rage thanks to a new generation of eco-conscious brides and grooms. One of the trickiest issues for some couples wishing to go green on their special day is to find a wedding dress as eco-friendly as it is beautiful.

If you love bridal fashions, becoming an eco-friendly wedding dress designer might be the right green career for you!

Getting Started As an Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress Designer

In addition to the usual knowledge of fashion design, sewing, and more, becoming an eco-friendly wedding dress designer requires knowledge of eco-friendly fabrics and other materials. Some of the most common materials include organic cotton, peace silk, and even hemp! Depending on your skills and interests, you may also want to become experienced at reclaiming and repurposing used fabrics such as vintage lace, antique silk, and more. Fortunately, a growing number of fashion design schools are offering courses and even degrees in eco-friendly fashion design.

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Of course, getting a degree is not necessary for a career in fashion design, and if you’re a creative and experienced seamstress and designer, you may succeed in the industry without a degree. Many independent fashion designers are now getting their start on websites such as Etsy and ebay, which allow them to offer pre-made or custom designs from home, without the expense of running a boutique or other physical location. Working from home can also significantly reduce the environmental impact of the wedding gowns you design and create, thanks to reduced energy use for heating, cooling, and lighting an additional building, and commuting to and from work. Some eco-friendly wedding dress designers go a step further and power their home or studio with clean energy such as solar or wind power!

Whether you decide to go the traditional degree route or dive in to a home-based green fashion design business, a great way to promote your designs is through advertising on websites dedicated to green weddings. One of the most popular is the UK-based, which offers an international listing of green wedding suppliers from eco-friendly wedding fashion designers to green wedding planners.

Three Designers For an Elegant, Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress

Morgan Boszilkov is an Atlanta-based designer who specializes in wedding gowns made from sustainable fabrics such as Peace Silk, Bamboo, Organic Cotton, and Hemp. She also uses reclaimed and organic lace. Many dresses are designed with detachable bottom skirts in order to allow them to be reused after the wedding. Morgan donates 5% of profits to environmental causes, and uses green power and local suppliers and dressmakers in order to minimize her company’s environmental impact and support the local Atlanta economy.

Conscious Elegance is located in State College, Pennsylvania and uses beautiful organic, fair trade, and vintage fabrics to create beautiful eco-friendly wedding gowns. They offer both eco chic wedding collections and custom designed gowns, as well as free alterations after the wedding to convert your gown into a cocktail dress or even into eco-friendly baby clothes for your future children! Conscious Elegance also designs bridesmaid and party dresses, flower girl dresses, and special occasion baby wear.

Tara Lynn is an eco-friendly wedding dress designer from Sutton, Vermont. Her fabrics include organic hemp and hemp blends, organic cotton, and more, and she offers both made-to-fit and custom designs. She works from a solar-powered studio and donates a percentage of profits to environmental causes. Tara Lynn’s designs can also be purchased on Etsy.


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    Kerry, thanks for your great resources. While I’m not a designer, I am getting married in June and we are on a tight budget however, I REALLY want to have an eco-friendly wedding starting with my DRESS! we are even having the ceremony outside to take advantage of a natural setting and natural lighting for the photos! Your resources on designers will help me as I googled “eco friendly wedding dress” and found your post. Thx again!

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