8 Steps to a Better Green Business Blog

In addition to Facebook, Twitter, and other types of social media services, blogs can be a great item to add to your green marketing toolbox.

Why Blog?

Blogs are highly cost effective. If you chose a hosted service, such as WordPress, Blogger or TypePad, you can register any number of blogs for free. If you host the blog yourself, you pay a yearly fee to register the domain and a monthly hosting fee. The amount you pay for each depends on what type of domain extension you choose (e.g., .org, .com, .biz) and how much disk space and bandwidth you think you’ll need.

Blogs are also relatively easy to use. Hosted sites give you plenty of template options, widgets and other features to choose from, making designing your blog quick and easy. Most blogging platforms include basic analytic tools to help you monitor the number of readers. Some sites even have options that allow you to post-on-the-go from either email or your cellphone.

Getting people to read your blog can sometimes be the more challenging part. What do you do if you’re consistently putting up posts, but it doesn’t seem like anyone is reading them?

For starters, try some of these content creation tips:

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Write Posts People Want to Read

The phrase, “copy is king” has become a mantra among bloggers, and rightly so. There are literally thousands upon thousands of blogs out there, with people posting fresh content daily. You want a blog that stands out from the rest. Create posts that are timely and topical. Give people something they can use and learn from. Don’t be afraid to apply the most basic principals of marketing to your blog when creating copy. Pay particular attention to post titles, as that is what most people will see first.

Write Well

No one wants to read a post that is poorly written. Thoroughly review your posts for typos or other grammatical errors. Keep each post short, sweet and to the point. People aren’t fond of boring posts either, so keep it interesting. Don’t be afraid to develop your own voice. Just make sure it doesn’t offend or annoy your potential readers.

Write Regularly

One blog post does not a blogger make. If you want people to return to your blog, give them a reason to come back. That means continually engaging them by giving them something new to read each time they visit. Put your blogging on a schedule and stick to it.

After you’ve got your content down, try using some green marketing basics to spread the word:

Issue a Press Release

Contrary to what you may think, press releases aren’t just for major news stories. After you create your blog, make a splash by launching it with a press release. There are a number of sites, such as i-Newswire or FreePressRelease, that allow you to submit a press release for free.

Use Your Email Signature

We all send out tons of email each and every day. Adding your blog URL to your email signature is a simple way to get the word out about your blog. Don’t be afraid to use that space down there to let people know about your blog and anything else happening in your business.

Post to Facebook and Twitter

After you publish your post, copy the URL and add it to your Facebook status, or send it as a Tweet. You are almost guaranteed instant blog traffic. There are even apps for Facebook, like Blogcast, that will automatically handle this step for you.

Notify Search Engines

In order to get indexed, most of the major search engines have a simple form you fill out to notify them of your blog. Simply type in the URL and you’re done. Be careful when using third party search engine marketers that ask you for your email address. They may be looking to spam your contacts folder. If you’re looking to get more technical with search engine optimization, GreenMarketing.Tv has a number of tips and tools to help you out.

Use Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg, etc. all claim to house the best of the web. When other people Digg or Like or StumbleUpon your post, it moves to the top of the list, increasing the chance that others will read it, and share it with their own networks.

Use some of the tips above first to create great content then add a little bit of marketing magic and your green business blog is guaranteed a steady flow of followers.

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