Better Link Building Strategies for Green Business Owners

Creating a website for your business is the first step towards online marketing. In this new digital age of marketing, you cannot have a business without a website. In the same way, you cannot have a successful website without smart link building. Here are some tips to get you started with link building, or if you have already begun, to improve your link building.

Build your links slowly
Take your time to find some high quality links. Plan on trying to add 5-10 back links a month. That will help you to build a strong link base and avoid pointless or harmful links.

Build relationships with bloggers in your industry
Read and comment on other really good blogs in your industry. As you become familiar with your online niche, you will begin to find “experts” that you would do well to associate with. Make sure to leave good insightful comments and your link.

Write a guest post for other bloggers
This works well you you have a knowledge of a specialty in your field. Fellow bloggers would be glad to receive an informative post from you, including your link.

Create widgets with a credit link
If you don’t want to create one, find a web designer that will be happy to create a widget for you. Sites like Widgetbox, though, make it easy for anyone to create simple widgets, such as a blog widget. Just make sure that it points back to your website.

Join forums and use a link signature
There will be various forums related to your industry. Find a few really good ones and join the conversation. Use your home page link or various inner page links to your web site as your signature.

Swap links with similar websites
Check out other great websites in your industry and directly request a link swap. Most sites will  be glad to exchange links with you. When you receive link requests from other sites, make sure to check them out before you agree. Many sites will accompany your link with a short blurb about your website, so have one ready.

Write you own blog entree that attract links
When you are writing on topics that come naturally, you should easily come up with good content. There are some articles that naturally attract links. For instance, if you are writing about posters, give titles that naturally attract links like “Top 10 Ideas for Posters” or “How To Print Posters the Easy Way.”

Send press releases to PR sites
You can announce your debut in press releases on PR sites. Just be sure to follow the right format and tone for a press release so that it sounds professional, and you will easily bait some links.

Submit to web directories

You can either submit your website yourself or you can pay someone to do it for you. Either way, listing your website with web directories will create backlinks to your site.

Building links for your website is vital for its success. If you are about to build a website or you already have one, make sure to make building links a priority and your website will become well-known and easy to find on the web.


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