Excellent Marketing Tips for Nonprofit Organizations

Marketing efforts for nonprofit organizations must be as well thought out as for any other type of business. Your message will be different, but your avenues will often be the same. Your goals, of course, is to make your target audience aware of your presence and need and to hopefully move them toward volunteerism or donations. Here are some great ways to accomplish this goal better through marketing.

Create a Website

A website will show your supporters that you are serious about your cause. Make sure that it looks professional and easy to navigate so that visitors can easily find the information they need. Update it regularly and include your contact information and mission statement. Also, include an incentive for people to sign up for an email or printed newsletter.

Take Advantage of Free Online Advertising

As a nonprofit organization, you should take advantage of some free online advertising to avoid marketing efforts eating into too much of the budget. On Flickr for Good you can set up a Photosharing pro account for free. Or check out Facebook for Nonprofits to help spread the word about your organization. Blog Talk Radio is a live Internet broadcast that turns into podcasts. And Google for NonProfits offers many great marketing benefits for nonprofits.

Turn Competition into Opportunities

You may find that other nonprofit groups may interfere with your marketing. This is an opportunity, however, to work together in a co-marketing strategy. Create a combined ad and share the costs or offer combined coupons. This potential problem can be turned into a win-win situation for both organizations involved.

Know Your Target Audience

Just as with any marketing, you will need to know who your target audience is and how to reach out to them. Research your audience’s average age, gender, education level, and locations where they will most likely see your ads. Many seniors don’t go online and many young people do not read the newspaper. This is vital information when you are trying to reach your supporters. One quick way to find out the best marketing strategy is to conduct a quick phone survey.

Put Together an All-inclusive Marketing Plan

Your nonprofit marketing will be a success if you are ready with a plan. Plan out every detail from pay-per-click ads to brochures to business cards. When you set out with a good plan, you will be able to spread out your resources more wisely and also tie all of them together for a stronger brand.

Combine Online and Offline Marketing

Make sure that all of your brochures, business cards, flyers, newsletters, and more include your website and alert recipients of your Facebook or Twitter accounts. On your website, give information of your office location(s) and ask for physical mailing addresses so that donors can receive any special direct mail promotions. Be sure that both online and offline marketing looks the same so that your audience will recognize your organization no matter where they encounter your ads.

Marketing is vital to the success of a nonprofit organization. Make sure to use the methods that are the most effective for your cause so that you make the most of your budget. Donors are always pleased when a nonprofit spends as little donation money as possible on anything other than the cause.


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    Creating a website surely am a very good way of showing to your follower that you are serious about the project that you have in mind. And combining online and offline marketing approach sure works best if you fully define your target audience, without this facts on hand your sacrifice will just crumble.

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