Green Marketing with Facebook: Connecting with Customers

The recent Green Marketing TV articles How to Engage Green Consumers with Social Media and Facebook: Your First Stop for Green Marketing provided some great, basic information on using social media for green marketing. We now know that social media has revolutionized the way businesses do marketing, making it cheaper, faster, and easier. We also know that Facebook is a great place to start if you’re new to green marketing. But how can you actually use Facebook as a green marketing tool?

The answer is simple: use your Facebook Fan page the same way you use your own page to connect with friends, family and colleagues!

Get Personal

Facebook lets your business put a face to the name. By using the Update and Photo features on your fan page, you can take the business-consumer relationship one step further by letting people see the actual people involved in operations, get a glimpse of daily operations and hear what motivates people to do the work they do.

Create Conversation with Customers

Facebook fan pages come with a Discussion Board feature, which can allow you to connect even more deeply with your customers. Use it to ask customers what they think of your latest product, to ask what products they would like to see, or get feedback on an event you recently hosted. But be careful with this feature – set clear parameters about the type of interaction you want to foster and monitor it regularly.

Invite Interaction

Like personal pages, fan pages also come with an Events feature that you can use to invite people to events and activities. This feature makes it easy for you to share events with your customers and for them to then share them with their own networks. You can instantly see the number of RSVPs and send reminders, directions and other information to your guests.

Provide News and Information

With Facebook, it’s easy to let people know what is happening in the world of your business. Share links, articles, videos, photos, events and more right on your fan page by using the News Feed feature or by adding it to your Wall.

Share Fun Stuff

Don’t be afraid to be creative in how you choose to use your fan page. For example, one local pizza place uses Facebook to send out updates on daily specials and special coupons for fans. Our local ice cream shop uses Facebook to announce what flavors they have on hand. A fair trade coffee roaster in the area has a mascot that appears in pictures with the executive director and coffee farmers around the world.

The important thing to remember when thinking about how to put your Facebook fan page to use is that a lot of green businesses are smaller, locally run operations. Most green customers are attracted to them for that very reason or because they are looking for businesses that share their values. Providing your customers with a variety of interaction is the best way to ensure that they keep coming back.

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