How to Engage Green Consumers with Social Media

Greening your business takes a certain level of commitment and dedication that goes beyond just the bottom line.  Many green businesses are successful, despite sometimes having slightly higher prices than non-green competitors, because they’ve gone the extra mile to establish a real connection with their customer base.  Social media gives these green businesses a way to be able to update their customers and make an even deeper connection with a method of communication that is every bit as green as the products which they sell.

In order to be as successful as possible in your business efforts you need to reach as many prospective customers as possible, but as a green business you’ve got to be able to do so in such a way that you don’t compromise your social responsibility.  You could send a mass mail flyer to every individual in the neighborhood of your brick and mortar location and there is a good chance that you would see a positive result in terms of sales, but the potential waste created from that mass mailer wouldn’t really be conducive to achieving your overall goal of being as green an operation as possible.

Social networking sites like  Twitter and Facebook give you the power to saturate an area of prospective customers that far exceeds that of traditional marketing methods, and the opportunity to pick the most appropriate targets.  Simple search functions on the major social networking sites make finding your competitors, like-minded businesses, and solid prospects beyond easy – and the very same search function makes your business easy to find for people who are looking.  When used properly, there isn’t a more powerful or green way to reach as many quality leads and like-minded individuals than a well managed social networking account.

Unlike virtually all more traditional forms of marketing, a social networking account gives you the opportunity to show your personality and individuality to your prospective customer base.  In addition to providing them with the latest special offers and new additions to your product line, social networking gives you the opportunity to be fun and entertaining as well.  It’s difficult to share an outrageously funny viral video via a traditional press release and it would be even more difficult to create an open dialogue on daily updates of what’s going on in your business niche with pamphlets or flyers.  Social networking gives you the opportunity to actually engage current and prospective customers with information beyond your business and lets them know that, though you are very serious about your work and your beliefs, there is also more to your company than that.

By effectively using your social networking accounts you can instantly update current and prospective customers on the status of upcoming sales, improvements to your products, local green efforts that you are involved in and upcoming events that could be worth attending.  Being marketing savvy no longer requires you to be wasteful, if your social media updates are relevant and useful you can literally reach millions of customers without deviating at all from your green business plan.

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