The Benefits of Purchasing Green Power for Your Business

Depending upon the size and type of business that you operate, utility bills could play a huge role in whether or not your business is able to become and stay profitable.  Equipment, machinery, lights and HVAC units are necessary components to almost any business operation and each of those necessary pieces of your operations puzzle requires power to operate.

With purchasing energy from a traditional power company you are at the mercy of whatever the current price happens to be.  Traditional power delivery costs can fluctuate greatly depending upon the current cost of fossil fuels.  By setting up a partnership for purchasing green power you may be able to regulate the cost of your utilities a bit better at the very same time that you are becoming more socially responsible and becoming more attractive to green minded consumers.

Positives of Green Power

Contracts for the purchase of renewable green power can be signed for a fixed price per kilowatt hour over a long term period.  This means that your business will pay the very same price today for power that they will next month and even next year.  This type of situation isn’t a possibility when it comes to purchasing traditionally supplied power, which remains and will remain affected by supply and demand.

Being able to accurately project your utility budget for a period that is months down the line could help businesses better plan their budgets for the future.  Forecasting gross profits is necessary step in developing the coming year’s plan of attack and knowing the costs of things like rent and utilities up front can make the process a much easier one.

Purchasing green power can also have your business running more consistently without disruption.  Transportation or delivery difficulties of fossil fuel can cause either brief or extended interruptions in your power service, having a renewable source for power generation on site can bring more consistency to your power service.

Enhancing Your Public Image

Purchasing green power can give your business an edge beyond just cost savings and reliability.  There is a whole new wave of consumers whose primary interest is in making this world a better and safer place to live.  Making efforts to increase your company’s social responsibility will help to improve your public image and endear you to this new breed of consumer that is willing to open up their wallets for an offering from a greener corporate organization.

Things like certifying your products, packaging and manufacturing process as green, using bio-diesel to power your company vehicles, recycling and reducing waste, and purchasing green power are all ways to make your operation a greener one and to help you better connect with consumers who have similar interests.

The most successful green companies are those who can prove to the green consumer that they are serious about the impact that they will have upon the planet.  The ability to advertise that you’ve taken your green efforts to a higher level by purchasing green power to run a portion or even all of your operation is a great way to endear your business to green minded consumers and to increase your overall margin.

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