Making the Right Impression with a Sound Green Marketing Strategy

Green minded consumers aren’t all that hard to find, but if you don’t develop a logical green marketing strategy for your green business, it will be very difficult for you to effectively convert website visits into sales. You’ve got to focus on making a solid connection with good prospects and live up to all of your claims as a green business in order to be as successful as possible.

Prove That You’re Green

Prior to diving headlong into your green marketing strategy, you’ll want to be certain that you let your prospective customers know just how green you are. Nothing will thwart your green marketing strategy faster than “greenwashing” or attempting to distribute a product that doesn’t live up to your claims.

Submit your product to an independent third party for “green certification.” There are a number of companies out there (Energy Star, Green Seal, Green-e, etc.) that handle domestic green certification and if your product meets the set standards you can proudly affix an eco-label to it to prove that your product is as environmentally friendly as you say it is.

Get Social and Make Friends

Once you’ve been certified green by a reputable eco-labeling company, it’s time to hit the ground running. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter will help you to make contact with prospective customers who may be interested in your products and open a direct line of communication with them so you can keep them informed about everything from updates to your blog to special offers that they may find interesting.

Social networking also lets you connect, and potentially learn from, like minded companies who’ve already been down the road of green marketing. This can expose you to unique and innovative ideas as well as keep you updated on happenings that may be directly related to your niche that you can pass along to your prospective customers.

Start a Blog and a Newsletter

Regularly updated blogs with high quality, SEO friendly content are great for increasing search engine rank and turning one time visitors to your site into regular visitors. If you continually provide useful and up to date information to your prospective customers, when it comes time for them to make a purchase, you will be at the top of their list. You can use your social networking accounts to drive readers to your blog and if your content is good enough, they just might share it with their contacts which will help to draw countless more prospects to your website.

Once you’ve got a steady stream of readers coming into your blog, you can invite them to subscribe to your green newsletter. Only send information to people who’ve requested it through subscription and only send your subscribers the information that they’ve requested. Developing an extensive e-mail list is a great way to distribute information that you want to prospective customers, but abusing that list will most certainly result in lost sales.

Reach as many green minded consumers as possible while keeping your marketing strategy as green as your certified product and you’ll gain even more trust from those prospective customers. Give prospects plenty of green ways to communicate with you (e-mail, SMS, online chat, direct messages); keep your catalogs, advertisements and press releases completely web based and offer green packaging and shipping options. There are plenty of people out there who are willing and eager to spend their money on environmentally friendly products, but they’ll be even more likely to do so with a company who acts as socially and environmentally responsible as possible.


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