How to Become an Eco Friendly Personal Trainer

When most people envision going to the gym, the first thing that comes to their mind is self improvement.  You might wonder how a business with its biggest focus on the self could be tailored to meet the needs of green minded individuals, but it’s actually quite easy to take your personal training business to a greener level.

Green Practices for Personal Trainers

As a personal trainer, you are selling your particular knowledge and skill set to help your clients live a better life.  In most cases there will be no packaging or monumental waste when it comes to the delivery of your “product” itself, so you have to look elsewhere in your business practices in order to be as green as possible.

One easy way to start greening your personal training business is to offer your clients paperless contracts, paperless billing/payment options and paperless communication methods.  If your clients will be doing some of their working out at home or if you’re creating a dieting schedule for them as well, distribute your instructions via e-mail and offer direct consultations through instant messaging, texting or via telephone.

Greening Your Facility

It doesn’t matter if you’re a one man operation or if you’ve got a fleet of qualified fitness professionals working for you, there are simple steps that you can take to ensure more eco-friendly operation of your facility.

Choosing your lighting wisely is a big step to greening a facility – use of skylights and windows to maximize natural light during daytime hours is a great way to cut down on energy use.  For night time sessions, when artificial light becomes more of a necessity, use compact fluorescent and LED lights to provide the same amount of light as more traditional incandescent bulbs while using substantially less energy.

Use of low flow fixtures and sensors in bathrooms can go a long way to help with water conservation, and using occupancy sensors to control lighting in parts of your facility that aren’t in use for much of the day can help make your personal training facility much more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

If you offer clients access to a water cooler or coffee machine, offer recycled cups to serve the beverages in and make recycling bins accessible around your facility for depositing plastic water bottles and aluminum energy drink cans.

Partnering With Other Green Businesses

Over the course of the last few years we have seen a substantial increase in the number of corporate businesses that have begun making an effort to green their operations and to make both the manufacturing process and distribution of their products more environmentally friendly.  During the same period of time we have also seen an increased effort in the corporate world of businesses trying to make their employees healthier and more productive.

Many businesses are beginning to understand the connection between personal health and wellness and the health and wellness of their surroundings.  If you can approach these businesses that are in search of a way to make themselves more socially responsible and offer your green personal training services to their employees, you’ll be making a connection across two equally important interests.

As a green personal trainer you will help satisfy the needs of a corporate business that longs for their employees to be more productive and you’ll be doing so in a manner that doesn’t interfere with their new, socially responsible mission statement.

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  1. Outside of improved lighting and paperless billing, which are both quite good ways to be eco-friendlier… I’ve just joined crossfit (look it up. huge movement.) where I’ve noticed that none of the appliances are electric. Getting rid of cardio machines and hitting the pavement is another green way to get going/ yeehaw!
    For more tips on being green, check out

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