Making Green Mainstream: An Interview With Annalea Krebs, Founder of

Annalea Krebs is founder of, a new group buying website that offers eco-conscious consumers great deals on green products and services, and green business owners a unique opportunity to promote their green business with guaranteed results! will launch in Vancouver, British Columbia in October 2010 and in other US and Canadian cities in the next year.

Green Marketing TV interviewed Annaleas to get her green marketing tips, and learn how can help other green businesses!

Tell us a little about how your site works.

ethicalDeal is on a mission to make green mainstream by making it easy and fun for people to try out the best green stuff their city has to offer.

ethicalDeal helps you discover your green city at exclusive discounts, through the power of group buying. Every deal requires a minimum number of buyers to activate it, which guarantees the business customers, and gives you a “group discount.” It’s all about the collective buying power of our members, so sign up now to discover your green city at 50-90% off!

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What steps does EthicalDeal take to reduce its own impact?

We are a mission driven company that promotes and gets people involved in the local green economy. As an online interactive service, we don’t produce much waste, but we pay attention to what we can including purchasing business supplies and services from local green companies, having green office practices, and encouraging each team member to champion their sustainability interest (e.g. composting, sustainable transportation, organic food) and share that with the office.

Our team loves to volunteer and get involved in community events and we leverage our advertising platform to promote local causes. We’ve also committed to planting a tree for every company that gets featured on ethicalDeal – hopefully by next year we’ll have planted a forest!

What are the benefits of signing up with EthicalDeal for green businesses?

Get featured on ethicalDeal and reach thousands of local consumers interested in going green. Our promotions provide green newbies an easy way to get introduced to healthy, sustainable living and the “already converted” an excuse to try something new!

  • New customers guaranteed. Unlike traditional advertising, we guarantee results. Group buying requires that a minimum number of people buy for the ethicalDeal to be valid – giving you instant paying customers. We’re here to help you attract new customers, give them an excuse to try you out, and then send them skipping through your doors so you can welcome them with open arms.
  • Attract GREEN finders not deal finders. Our subscribers have signed up to ethicalDeal because they’re looking to find the best eco-friendly products/services. Unlike other group buying sites our subscribers are more likely to become repeat customers because they’re not deal finders, they’re green finders!
  • $0 upfront cost. Your brand will directly reach, for free, thousands of consumers interested in the best green stuff their city has to offer. We only earn money on every ethicalDeal that we sell – AKA – every new customer we send your way. So you get free exposure and pay only for new customers – its kind of like having your cake and eating it too (we like cheesy expressions).
  • An exclusive spotlight. Every day we feature one ethicalDeal per city. Your ethicalDeal feature puts you in front of thousands of subscribers in each city so whether you’re new or established you’ll be the talk of the town.
  • Go viral. Since a minimum number of people are required to activate the deal, our subscribers are motivated to share your ethicalDeal with their friends on Facebook and Twitter – generating even more buzz for your brand!
  • Educate shoppers. Our expert copywriters educate ethicalShoppers about your sustainability practices through an educational yet witty profile that is sure to entice them to buy!
  • We’re here to help. We’re a Vancouver based mission-driven company intent on promoting quality sustainable products & services. We work with you to design a promotion that fits the distinct needs of your business, including the feature details, value and savings, the minimum and maximum number of buyers, and the timing.

To get your green company featured on ethicalDeal contact us at

What is the process for signing up to become a green discount partner vendor? Is there a screening process?

Get Your Green Business Featured:

Businesses apply to get featured through Once approved, one of our reps will be in touch to design a promotion that fits the distinct needs of your business, including the feature details, value and savings, the minimum and maximum number of buyers, and the timing. There is no upfront cost, and you’re guaranteed results. To get your green company featured on ethicalDeal contact us at

Our Selection Criteria:

We want to introduce people to the best green stuff to do, see, eat and buy in their city. We look to feature community minded and environmentally conscious businesses offering eco-friendly and socially responsible products/services. We always look for products/services that have been certified by third parties (e.g., Fair Trade, FSC, EcoLogo, Organic, Oceanwise). However, products or services with a clear and significant environmental advantage (locally grown produce, services reducing or eliminating the need for motorized transportation) and ones that cultivate health and wellness (natural, holistic, preventative, and/or educational services and treatments) are also integral to creating a sustainable community.

How effective are coupons and other deals as a marketing strategy for green businesses?

Coupons are simply a way to easily introduce people to your product/service. Combine coupon promotions with online group buying and you get guaranteed results, huge exposure and viral marketing.

What marketing strategies have you found to be most effective with green consumers?

Let your values be reflected in your business operations, products/services..

Be open = be transparent about your practices and invite feedback.

Be authentic = people don’t want to connect with brands. They want to connect with the people and values behind them.

Be different = go beyond recycling and composting. Don’t be a generalist, stand for a cause and own it (e.g. ethical sourcing).

What role does social media play in your green marketing strategy?

As an online social shopping experience, social media plays a large role. Since every deal requires a minimum number of buyers to activate it, people often share the deal with their friends on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

As a company we use social media to engage our members, asking them what types of deals they would like to see and sharing their experiences through photos of them experiencing ethicalDeal whether its drinking Fair Trade coffee, purchasing eco clothing, dining at a vegan restaurant or doing yoga.

What advice you have for green entrepreneurs?

Have a head for business and a heart for the world. Sell your passion.

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