Cause Campaigns- Socially Mobilize Both Online and Offline

It’s rare that you come across a campaign that you can truly appreciate from start to finish- one that moves you and enables you as a participant both online and offline.

There’s many non-profits and social entrepreneurs that are operating primarily between both elements, but often times you’ll find loopholes in the marketing or areas  where the organization is lacking or could have done a better job.

Sometimes they’re mobilizing themselves across social networks, but not offering offline solutions to carry out the call to action into the real world- and sometimes there’s absolutely no use of social networking but tons of tools that you can find for the perfect grass roots movement.

So where’s the delicate balance where we aren’t top heavy with our campaigns in either direction? How can we empower our participants to utilize every possible channel; to make them want to share and spread the word in the easiest way possible?

Let’s analyze this particular cause. The OxFam hunger banquet is a campaign that’s hoping to encourage participants to throw their own event… educating it’s participants on the allocation of our resources and working hard towards the fight against world hunger?

What are the elements of this successful global campaign that has managed to grow wings and fly?

These are things you need to consider:

  • People are inherently more likely to participate and share a cause that proves to be easily accessible
  • People are more likely to participate in a cause that others are sharing
  • Having tools available at one’s disposal will up the chances of them participating by about 70%
  • Clear and multiple calls to action will be more efficient than one particular call to action

So how do we wrap this up into a nice little package?

Interface Analysis

One thing you’ll notice about a successful campaign site is:

All social networks are easily accessible and located above the fold, so as not to get lost in all the information. Also, this non-profit has made good use of particular social networks, but hasn’t went crazy trying to upkeep a bunch of profiles and potentially losing out on participants due to a lack of updates or upkeep.

Clear call to action on the top right, where the eye will travel upon opening the site-

All tools needed to mobilize participants and all calls to action are also above the fold-

You may not think little things like this matter… but ohhhhhh they most certainly do. Having everything above the fold that’s of most importance, where the user’s eyes can catch it, is extremely important when building out the interface for your campaign.

Ease of Participation

Secondly, another thing you need to consider is how easy is it for participants to share and volunteer. Analyze what you’re offering and think about whether you’re making your participants jump through hoops to get the necessary information, or whether it’s at their disposal and they are ready to rock.

  • Include any tools that are needed in a tool pack that’s easily downloadable and shareable.
  • Include event ideas and script guidelines to aid those who have not thrown a non-profit event before.

  • Include an online calendar listing where partipant’s events are taking place.
  • When using media, include a call to action directly in the video so user will not have to close video and find another one. You’ll note that thanks to the magic of script, there is a sign up box directly within the video. Get creative.

  • Provide printable and electronic invites to widen scope of sharing.
  • Provide an online fact sheet (that is also printable) and easily shareable.

Enter… Success

When working with green campaigns, or cause specific campaigns, remember that you need to make sharing and participation easy peasy to encourage others to take action. Everything matters- from the interface of your site, to the tool you provide, to the social networks you participate on and make available.

What are some recent campaigns you’ve noticed that have really make an effort to use both offline and online marketing tactics to mobilize participants?

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