Are You Too Green for Green Marketing?

Everybody from big box stores to neighborhood start-ups are using green marketing these days to promote themselves. The green label has worked itself onto everything from clothing to bathroom cleaner and carpeting choices. The word has become so pervasive in advertising its no longer a philosophy, it’s a buzzword.

There is little wonder why consumers have become, if not wary, at least fatigued by the green label. What once meant something is quickly becoming expected.

What’s a business to do when it truly is green? How can you avoid being lumped with a fad and be seen as doing something sustainable? As counter intuitive as it sounds, the answer is green marketing, but with a difference.

Don’t scream that you are green, present the information and let the consumer figure it out for themselves. Be subtle, but effective with your efforts.

Don’t market green just for green’s sake

Remember consumers are looking for the best, most cost effective solution. They might prefer it be green, but their main objective is to obtain the product or service easily and inexpensively.

Be an expert in your field

Show you know your stuff about your profession in all areas. Be able to tell potential customers how your product or service will work for them from a technical and/or lifestyle point of view beyond the green. Educate about your field in general, tell them something they didn’t know. Give them some insight into the workings of your business.

Avoid the Green costs little more” label

Customers might like green, but your pricing is going to have to be in line with your competitors. Emphasis service, customer concern and warranties to justify higher costs. Remember you are your product or service and consumers will do business with people they like.

Explain how your product or service is green, but make it the icing on the cake.

Make environmental concern another reason to buy, not the only reason. Give your customers an additional reason to purchase from you, a reason that makes them feel good, not just about getting the best for their money, but about being good to the Earth.

Remember that you want to do business with everyone

While many consumers are concerned about buying green products and services, some are not. Your marketing efforts shouldn’t leave out the potential buyers that just don’t care if what you offer is green or not. Consumers won’t refuse to do business with you because you are green, but they might not choose to do business with you if they don’t think you offer the best deal for the money. Potential customers are potential dollars in your pocket, you don’t want to leave anyone out.

Keeping these green marketing tips in mind should help your maximize your appeal to increasingly sophisticated consumers and widen your market beyond those who exclusively search for green products and services.


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