5 Ways a Green Ad Campaign Can Boost Your Business

Green ad campaigns have proven to be an excellent way to boost businesses. Just look at the ad campaigns of Toyota for their Prius, the most popular hybrid vehicle on the market, and SunChips and their 100% compostable packaging. Both Toyota’s and SunChip’s green ad campaigns boosted their business’s sales and exposure. By using a green ad campaign, you can gain customers who otherwise may have overlooked your products or services.

Here are 5 ways a green ad campaign can boost your business.

Showing Your Green Certification Gives Your Business a Boost over Others

By showing within your ad campaign that your business has green certification, such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, Energy Star certification, Fair Trade certification, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, Green Seal certification, and USDA Organic certification, can give your business a boost over other similar businesses. These certification labels prove that your business is dedicated to sustainability and that you have made the effort to prove that your business is green.

Stating Your Green Improvements Leaves a Lasting Impression

It’s a great idea to state just how much your business has improved in your green advertising campaign to show customers how committed your business is to reducing your effect on your environment. For example, you can state how you now use more organic cotton or hemp in your clothing line or how your organic juice bottles now contain less plastic.

Show Your Support for Green Organizations

A popular way of proving your business to be dedicated to being green is by supporting eco-friendly organizations. You can donate a percentage or a set amount of your profits to a green organization, or you could even donate some of your products to an eco-friendly organization or partner with them on a project. Showing your support of a green organization in your eco advertising campaign may connect with new customers who are already a supporter of that green organization, and thus, make them more likely to purchase your products or services.

Prove Your Products To Be a Better Alternative

With your eco-friendly advertising campaign you can demonstrate how your products are a better alternative than not-so-eco-friendly alternatives. Show consumers how your products use less harmful materials, use less energy to produce, or last longer to gain customers who have been looking for green alternatives to products they currently use.

Advertise for Your Business on Green Products

By choosing to advertise your business on green products, you reach customers who are already likely to seek out green businesses, as well as new customers who may be curious about green products or services. You can advertise for your business on green products such as reusable shopping bags or even advertise on your hybrid company car.

You can utilize one, two, or all of these green ad campaign ideas, and you can even use many of them in conjunction with one another. By utilizing green marketing, you can appeal to a broader base of customers and get more sales from your current customers who will likely be glad to know your business is becoming even more eco-friendly. These green advertising tactics will be sure to make your business stand out as a top green business.

Image Credit: Kristin Brenemen

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