How To Start a Home-Based Organic Herb Business

Herbs are annual or perennial plants with savory, aromatic, or medicinal qualities. They include both popular culinary herbs such as basil, rosemary, thyme, and peppermint, and lesser known ones such as bee balm, pennyroyal, and vervain.

A home-based organic herb business is a great green business opportunity that benefits the environment while filling your customers’ lives with good health, delicious flavors, and wonderful smells.

Many herbs are easy to grow and can be grown intensively, so it is possible to start a successful herb business even with a relatively small plot of land such as a suburban backyard. However, many small herb business owners consider a small acreage to offer the best mix of good revenue potential and easy maintenance.

Planning Your Organic Herb Business

There are many different ways to make money selling herbs. One of the first things to decide is which market you wish to focus on. Although some small growers are very successful in the wholesale market, most find direct sales to be the most profitable as a smaller business. Opportunities include:

  • selling fresh or dried cut herbs to local restaurants or grocery stores
  • selling potted herb plants to local nurseries
  • selling directly to consumers at farm stands or local farmer’s markets
  • offering pick-your-own services
  • offering a CSA program

In addition to cut herbs and herb plants, there are many opportunities for value added products with herbs. These include:

  • essential oils and aromatherapy
  • herbal sachets and potpourri
  • herbal bouquets and wreaths
  • other herb crafts
  • herbal teas
  • herbal seasonings and blends for cooking
  • food products such as pesto or herb-infused oils
  • herbal salves and medicinal preparations

Depending on facilities, many organic herb farms also offer herb classes or workshops, farm tours, craft fairs, or other events. Growing herbs can also be easily combined with a number of other green business opportunities, including green bed & breakfasts and organic beekeeping. Some herb farms also offer on-site restaurants, general stores, or souvenir shops.

Three Organic Herb Farms For Sensual Green Living


Honey Rock Herb Farm, located in Louisville, TN, sells a variety of organically grown dried herbs and flowers, potpourri supplies, herbal soaps, and other gifts at their Herbal Cottage on the farm. They also offer topiaries, planters, and potted herbs, as well as display gardens open to the public and regular classes and workshops.


La Paix Herb Farm in Alum Bridge, WV is a 110 acre Victorian-era homestead of gardens and woodland, now listed on the National register of Historic Places. The modern herb farm got its start in 1981 and now offers a variety of herbal products made from natural ingredients such as organically grown herbs, essential oils distilled on site, and natural beeswax. La Paix hosts its popular Lavender Fair annually, as well as regular workshops, classes, and tours.


Leelanau Lavender Breezes in Cedar, MI specializes in lavender, one of the world’s most fragrant and popular herbs. They offer a wide variety of organically grown lavender products, including lavender teas, essential oils, wreaths, sachets, lip balms, and more.

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