How to Start an Organic Juice Bar

As more and more people discover the delicious flavor and health benefits of fresh juice and smoothies, juice bars are growing in popularity in many parts of the country. And because people who are health conscious also tend to be environmentally conscious, juice bars offer a great opportunity to offer a delicious, popular, and environmentally responsible product to customers!

Juices made from 100% fruit or vegetable are associated with many health benefits because they are an easy way to increase fruit and vegetable consumption, and they contain many of the same nutrients found in whole fruits and vegetables. Smoothies contain dietary fiber in addition to the other benefits of 100% juice. They may also contain healthful additives such as yogurt, soy milk, or filtered water.

Like green coffee shops, one of the most important environmental considerations for a juice bar is the ingredients. A growing number of juice bars are choosing to go organic. Organic juice bars offer delicious juices and smoothies made from certified organic fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients.

Many organic juice bars lower their environmental impact even farther by using as many locally produced ingredients as possible. As the local food movement expands, both the popularity and the availability of high quality local produce and ingredients is expected to expand.

More Eco-Friendly Tips for Organic Juice Bars

Choosing sustainably grown and harvested ingredients isn’t the only consideration for an organic juice bar wishing to reduce its environmental impact.

A few more green ideas for organic juice bars:

  • use recycled or biodegradable serving cups
  • purchase energy-efficient juicers, blenders, and other equipment
  • use green cleaning products or services
  • use green building materials and decor
  • print menus and advertising materials on recycled paper
  • educate customers about your green products and business practices

Some organic juice bars encourage customers to make eco-friendly choices by offering discounts to customers who bring their own mugs or glasses, or who bike to the juice bar.

Three Organic Juice Bars For Healthy and Eco-friendly Treats

organic-oasisOrganic Oasis Restaurant and Juice Bar, located in Anchorage, AK, opened on Earth Day 1998 and was founded by Steve Plante, who was inspired to start the restaurant by his own experience recovering from severe lead poisoning with the help of organic, natural foods. Organic oasis offers a variety of delicious organic salads, soups, sandwiches, and other light fare in addition to their juices and smoothies, which include a mix of delicious traditional and modern flavors from carrot juice to Peanut Butter Conspiracy.

go-raw-cafeGo Raw Cafe in Las Vegas, NV offers organic, raw vegan cuisine in addition to a juice bar featuring juice mixes such as Popeye’s Favorite (Carrot, Spinach, and Apple), Sweet Greens (a mix of carrot juice and greens), and Body Cleanser (carrot, cucumber, beet, and apple), and a variety of healthy smoothies.

juice-bar-collectiveThe Juice Bar Collective, based in Berkeley, CA, is a worker-owned collective committed to environmentally responsible business practices, including organic ingredients, compostable packaging, and reducing energy and water footprints for the business. In addition to a variety of fresh juices and smoothies, the Juice Bar Collective offers a variety of baked goods, salads, sandwiches, and other dishes.

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