How to Start an Eco-friendly Candle Business

Many people have the desire to start their own green craft business, and a popular choice start-up is an eco-friendly candle business. The idea of starting an eco-friendly candle business is popular with many people who are interested in living and supporting a green lifestyle, who want to work for themselves and work their own hours, and who have the drive and desire to start their own business selling eco-friendly products. An eco candle business can prove to be a great opportunity to make a living selling your craft, have a more flexible schedule, and promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

These steps will guide you to start an eco-friendly candle business.

  1. Create a Business Plan. First of all, you want to create a business plan for your green candle business. When creating a business plan, you should ask yourself a number of questions about the time you can devote to your business, the costs of your supplies, who you want to market your eco-friendly candles towards, and where you want to sell your eco-friendly candles (on your own website, through your own catalog, at craft fairs, on another website, such as Etsy or eBay, or any combination of these options). You want to make sure your budget will accommodate a potential slow start in business when you first start getting your eco-friendly candle company’s name out there, and you also want to make sure your products are priced appropriately and appeal to your clientele.
  2. Plan Your Products. After you have created your business plan for your eco-friendly candle business, you want to start planning out ideas and creating your eco-friendly candles. You want to come up with a variety of concepts for your candles in the beginning to see what appeals to customers. You can organic candles, beeswax-based candles, soy-based candles, palm-oil-based candles, vegetable-oil-based candles, essential oil candles, and so forth. You also can try out a variety of shapes, styles and containers of candles. Find out what works for you, production-wise, so you can sell products that will make your company grow.
  3. Create Your Inventory. After deciding what types of candles you intend to sell initially for your eco-friendly candle company, you want to start creating your inventory. Make sure you have enough materials on hand to create your candles, including wax, melting pots, wicks, scents, decorative materials, containers, and dyes if you choose to use them, as well as enough materials to ship your candles.
  4. Advertise and Start Selling! After you have completed all of the following steps, you should be ready to begin your business. At this point, you should begin advertising for your eco-friendly candle company. Choose affordable business advertising, whether on eco-friendly websites, in classified advertisements, in local magazines, on flyers, or on business cards. Choose the methods of advertising that meet your budget and time constraints. After you have put advertisements out your ready to start selling your eco-friendly candles!

After you’ve completed all of these steps and have begun your eco-friendly candle business, get ready to take on the demands of the business, provided your business grows rapidly. Be ready to answer plenty of inquiries (including wholesale inquiries and additional product inquiries), deal with a variety of customers, and enjoy making an income from a green product that you created!

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