Get More Twitter Followers With #Ecomonday

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media websites in the world and it can be a great tool to promote your green business or green business blog.

In order to be successful on Twitter, you needs lots of followers. As a result, some beginning Twitter marketers start by randomly following hundreds or thousands of other accounts, hoping that a few will reciprocate. This is not only inefficient, it’s a good way to get banned!

A more effective way to get more Twitter followers is to participate in daily Twitter memes that are relevant to your business.

The granddaddy of all daily Twitter memes is #followfriday, which was founded by social media guru Micah Baldwin. On Follow Friday, participants are supposed to recommend one or more of their friends on Twitter, tagging their Tweet with the hashtag #followfriday.

Follow Friday remains hugely popular, but a number of new niche memes soon sprouted up, inspired by its success.

One of the most successful has been #ecomonday.

What Is #Ecomonday

#Ecomonday offers a great opportunity for green businesses to connect with like-minded Twitterers and potential customers.

#Ecomonday was founded by Max Gladwell, a green blog covering social media, green living, and geolocation, and popularized by Shea Gunther, a blogger for the Mother Nature Network, a popular green website.

Much like #followfriday, #ecomonday participants can suggest friends for others to follow. Many green Twitterers also take the opportunity to share especially important or interesting green news, blog posts, or action alerts.

How Can I Join?

ecomonday-tweetsThe first step to joining #ecomonday is to follow the official EcoMonday Twitter account. @ecomonday’s following has become a virtual Who’s Who of great green Twitterers, and it’s a good place to get noticed all by itself.

When Monday rolls around, think of one or more friends you’d like to recommend and Tweet their names along with the hashtag #ecomonday.

#ecomonday tweets can be simple lists (#ecomonday @greentweets @triplepundit @sustainablog @cleantechies) or more detailed descriptions (#ecomonday @greentweets for green economy news #greenbiz). Don’t forget to use a few relevant hashtags if you’re including a description!

It’s also important to add relevant hashtags if you’re sharing eco information instead of names. This helps people searching for other topics find your Tweet more easily. A few popular green hashtags include #green, #environment, #eco, and #sustainability.

You can follow along the progress of #ecomonday and watch for other Twitterers you’d like to connect with by following the meme along with Twitter search or any of a variety of Twitter apps that allow you to monitor certain hashtags.

More Daily Twitter Memes For Green Businesses

There are many more daily Twitter memes that you can use to connect with other like-minded Twitterers and increase your Twitter following.

A few that may be of particular interest to green businesses and social entrepreneurs include:

Monday: #meowmonday

Tuesday: #turtletuesday

Wednesday: #wildlifewednesday, #wildhorsewednesday, #woofwednesday

Saturday: #caturday

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