How to Launch a Green Ad Campaign

Green marketing is all the rage these days as businesses look at ways in which they can hop on the “going green” bandwagon. However, when greening your marketing and advertising campaigns, it’s important to understand what efforts will really enhance your green branding goals, while lowering your business’s ecological footprint, and what actions will simply appear as greenwash.

What is Green Advertising?

Green advertising consists of showing how the company’s products or services are environmentally friendly through advertising. Green advertising is used by businesses who want to promote the green qualities of their goods or services to increase their customer base. By showing the eco-friendly qualities of their services or products, a company can increase their business and thus, their profits. Green advertising highlights the environmental benefits of a product or service, such as the use of organic, recycled, or biodegradable materials, green manufacturing processes, energy efficiency, and the use of natural energy sources.

What to Think About When Launching a Green Ad Campaign

When launching a green ad campaign, you want to make sure you are advertising factual information about your goods or services. You don’t want to promote false claims about your product or services, or greenwash. When launching a green advertising campaign, you want to promote the truly green aspects of your product or service. By using green marketing, you can gain a greater amount of customers, but you don’t want to be accused of being misleading or making false claims and lose those customers. So, it is important to choose your choice of words carefully when creating your green advertising campaign.

How to Avoid Greenwashing

Greenwashing is a way that companies mislead consumers about how eco-friendly their services or products are. This is, of course, a deceptive way to gain customers, and thus, should be avoided. To avoid greenwashing in your green marketing, a business should be specific in the claims they make about their product or service’s environmental benefits. You don’t want to mislead consumers using vague phrases that could be deemed as questionable. By green branding your goods or services with truthful, accurate information, you won’t be misleading customers and using deceptive greenwashing. In your green advertising campaign, you should also be sure that the eco-friendly claims you make are based off of reliable evidence to avoid greenwashing.

3 Examples of Great Green Ad Campaigns

RONA — The Art of Recyling Billboardrona-environmental-advertising
This billboard in Motreal,   piggybacks on the Apple Nanochromatic billboard advertising their Nano iPods. Apple’s billboard shows the paint dripping down from a variety of colorful iPods, while the RONA billboard below it shows the same colors of paint dripping into paint cans, with the tagline, “We collect leftover paint”.   RONA’s green advertising campaign is very clever way of marketing their paint recuperation program.

360-vodka-eco-advertising360 Vodka — Eco Luxury Vodka
The green ad campaign for 360 Vodka showing the 360 Vodka bottles in front of a green background with the tag line Eco Luxury Vodka” makes the visible label of the bottle do the talking. The label on 360 Vodka states eco-friendly facts about the liquor including that the labeling on the bottle is made from 100% recycled content and 100% post consumer waste and that it is processed chlorine free. Along with the words advertised in their campaign, 360 Vodka has recycle symbols posted around the bottles labels, marking it as both made from recycled materials and showing consumers they should recycle the bottle, as well.

levis-ecoLevi’s — Eco Jeans
Levi’s, which has been producing jeans since the mid 1800s, made an ad campaign for their Eco Jeans which showed the jeans being worn by plants, yet still shown to look like humans, against worn down backdrops. The advertising campaign also featured the statement 100% Organic Cotton,” to truthfully market Levi’s Eco Jeans as a green product.

These a just a few examples of great green ad campaigns. However, at the end of the day, it’s important to remember, no matter how cool your green advertising campaign may appear, no matter how you position your product as eco-friendly, the key to a compelling green ad campaign is the sustainability truth behind the marketing.

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