10 Ways Green Business Owners Can Boost Their Brand through Facebook

Facebook offers an excellent opportunity for green business owners to utilize their Pages platform to boost their brand, as well as build their presence online, engage their audience, and spread their message whether you have a green business or non-profit. Through using the various Facebook features and applications available to green business owners through Facebook Pages, you can reach a mass audience and boost the brand of your green business.

Here are 10 ways green business owners can boost their brand through Facebook.

  1. Create a Facebook Fan Page. Establish your green business on Facebook by creating a Facebook page for your business. With a Facebook page, you can boost the brand of your green business by displaying information about your business to Facebook’s millions of users, thus reaching more customers or fans of your green business.
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  3. Fill your Facebook Fan Page. Once you have the Facebook page for your business, fill it with pertinent information about your green business, such as your website, location, specialties, and so forth.  The  Facebook page for Dr.  Bronner’s Magic Soaps has a wealth of knowledge about the company via links to their  main website, twitter, and YouTube account pages.  The more useful information on your page, without excess information, the more likely you are to draw in views and new customers.
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  5. Get a vanity URL for your Fan Page. Create a unique vanity URL on Facebook to boost the brand of your green business. When using Facebook for business, it is important to make your page easy to find by fans and customers of your green business. So, try to create a vanity URL for your green business page on Facebook that is as similar to your business’s name as possible so you are likely to get the most viewers, like Maggie’s Organics has done.
  6. Launch a Facebook ad campaign. Consider posting an ad on Facebook to get even more exposure for your brand. By green branding your business on Facebook, you can boost your exposure, and thus, your profits. Facebook publishes their ads on pages that are of similar interest, so your ad is likely to be seen by people who will actually find it of interest and are more likely to click on it.
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  8. Update content frequently. Post business updates on your Facebook page. By posting updates about new and exciting developments with your green business, more people are likely to want to learn more about your business and patronize it, thus engaging your audience even more so. Two Facebook pages of green businesses that update their page regularly are Annie’s Naturals and Stonyfield Farm.
  9. Promote your Facebook Fan Page outside of Facebook. Add your Facebook URL to your other marketing tools, such as your main website, your advertisements, and your business cards. With additional exposure for your business, you will see an increase in profitability.
  10. Create product pages. If your company offers a variety of products or services, consider creating additional pages for these products and link them to your main Facebook business page. Some customers may only be familiar with part of your business, and this will lead them to learn more about the whole of your green business.
  11. Promote upcoming events. Using Facebook for your green business, post upcoming events about your business. With or without a Facebook business page, you can post upcoming events for your business, such as fundraisers, new product releases, special offer dates, and so forth.
  12. Post questions on your Facebook for green business page. This way you can have more interaction with your fans and customers. By posting questions, you show that you have a close interaction with your customers and are interested in hearing about their ideas, making your business seem in touch with its customers.
  13. Connect with groups and similar businesses on Facebook. By connecting with other businesses and joining networks, you increase the visibility of your green business to reach even more people.

By using these tools to optimize your Facebook page, you can easily spread the word about your green business and brand to reach a greater audience and grow your company. These easy to maintain, brand boosting ideas will increase your business without costing you much time or money, yet likely increase your profitability. So, spread the message of your green business by using Facebook to boost your brand!

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