Why and How to Get Involved with Cause Marketing

With so many businesses turning to cause marketing these days, you may be wondering if your company should do the same. Yet, you may also be telling yourself that cause marketing is just another trend that will soon become unpopular because everyone is involved. Here are some great reasons to do cause marketing as well as some tips on how to get started.

Why Should Your Company Get Involved?

Although some believe that cause marketing may fade into the list of past trends eventually, there is strong evidence to prove that this type of marketing is around to stay. These substantial reasons make cause marketing one effort that businesses simply cannot ignore:

Because It is Expected of You
With so many businesses involved in cause marketing, you could simply be losing out because you are not involved. According to Cone research, 85% of Americans have a better image of companies that support a cause. Also, 79% of Americans would switch to another brand if that other brand supported a cause.

Because It is Beneficial to Your Cause and Business
The resources that you raise or donate benefits the cause you choose. In addition, your business is seen in a better light making your  marketing campaign more likely to have a higher rate of success.

How Does Your Company Get Involved?

Faced with beginning a cause marketing campaign, you may feel a little overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin. Just take it slow, follow the right steps, and your campaign will soon be on its way to success.

Find a Cause You Really Believe In
Cause marketing works best when you really believe in the cause you are supporting. Find a charity that really touches your heart. That could be anything from heart cancer to abused animals to planting trees. Whichever cause moves you is the one you should support.

Choose a Cause that is Related to Your Business
Your cause marketing will make more sense to the general public if you choose a cause that matches up with your business. If you sell bottled water, then you could support a group that purifies water in third world countries.

Promote Your Cause in Connection with Your Business
Talk to the charity of your choice about advertising side-by-side. Long term relationships between a business and a cause can be good for both sides. They advertise for you and you advertise for them. For instance, on your advertising brochures, you can include a small blurb about the cause you support.

Find Ways to Contribute Your Time as well as Money
Money is very much needed for any organization. There are other resources that you can donate as well. You could put together an event to raise money and promote the event with brochures, postcards, and online. Many times this can bring in more money than you would be able to donate alone. You can also donate products. Get creative in a way that you are most helpful.

Encourage Customers to Get Involved
People want to be involved. Tell them how, in simple terms, they can make a difference. For instance, customers may be able to buy a certain product in which you donate a percentage of sales to the cause. Also, you need to let them know how you are making a difference. When you do, your customer base will become larger and more loyal.

Cause marketing can be a great benefit to all parties involved. Keep your intentions pure and your customers will follow suit.

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