Making the Transition to Green Business Practices

Once your business has made the decision to go green, there are a few easy steps to follow. Some steps are very small; in fact, you may be doing them now. Plus, many of the steps will save you money while they save the earth. Few of these will cost you very little to implement; and the results will outweigh the costs and the effort.

Begin with a focus on reduction
Paper is a great place to start. Simple practices like printing on both sides will save a great deal of paper. Reducing the amount of power you use is another easy practice. Set your computer to turn off every night and unplug charging cords when they are not being used. Also remember to use compact florescent lights. There are many other areas where you can reduce usage, so get creative!

Find green suppliers
Companies that have made a commitment to reduce their carbon footprint should be rewarded with your business. Do a little research and find out who is using sustainable materials and cutting down on waste and harmful emissions. You can find green manufacturers in nearly every industry. Find a brochure printing company you can trust to follow through with environmentally-friendly practices and look for an eco web host server. Shopping locally will also reduce transportation energy.

Recycle waste
Once again, you can start with paper. Place recycling bins right next to printers and desks. Bins for bottles and cans should be well-marked. You can even go so far as to get a worm box to recycle food waste.

Choose energy efficient appliances
When you are shopping for equipment and appliances, try to find the most efficient with the least emissions. Energy star appliances are one type that have proven to be very green.

Check into renewable materials
Bamboo and hemp are only a few of the materials that are environmentally friendly. Use recycled materials for building supplies, decorations, promotional gifts, and more.

Buy and donate used
Whenever you need shelves, desks, decorations, and rugs check out websites like Freecycle or Craigslist for used items. When you buy used items, you are saving it from the junk yard and preventing the production of new products. In addition, when you are done with furniture, donate them instead of putting them in the dumpster.

Making the transition to green business practices will not happen overnight. Make the changes as quickly as you can but understand that the full transition will take time. In fact, some may say that going green is an ongoing task, that you can always find ways to make your business more green. Begin with the practices you can do now and implement a plan to get the rest done as soon as possible, and before you know it your business will be well on its way to saving the planet.

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