Green Business Blog Carnival “ Week 6

Welcome to Week 6 of the Green Business Blog carnival,   a traveling series of green business news, commentary, and insight. Be sure to check out Week 7 of the Green Business Blog Carnival next Friday on the Calfinder Solar Blog. In the meantime, here the roundup of green business blog posts of the week.

At Green Marketing TV, we aim to keep our finger on the pulse of the green economy. What better than a post from Sofia Ribeiro, the Marketing Wizard of Kiwano Marketing on Green Consumer Attitudes and the Emerging Buying Power ofEco-Moms”? In this post, Sofia gets beneath consumer segmentation and identifies the attitudes and values that impact green consumer behavior, identifying a growing new green consumer segment – the “eco mom”

Our next post about the green economy comes from Jeff McIntire-Strasburg over at Sustainablog. He asks us, are Fannie & Freddie trying to kill the green collar economy? It seems that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s decision to undermine property assessed clean energy (PACE) financing could slow the development of green business and jobs. However, one Long Island town is fighting back…

Jeff’s also been doing a lot of reading lately. Check out his review of Jonathan T. Scott’s new ebook The Sustainable Business,  How to Sell Triple Bottom Line Practices to Single Bottom Line Companies.

David Wheat shares some ominous data on global warming in The Temperature’s Rising–It Isn’t Surprising. Recent heat waves in Eastern North America and Eastern Asia call attention to some sticky trends. While it’s important to distinguish between “weather”, what you see outside at a particular place and time, and “climate”, long-term average weather, a number of scientific studies say that future decades will probably see many more heat waves like these.

Which brings us to the increasing importance of green building & sustainable energy in the green economy. Over at Green Building Elements, we have a post about Arizona’s Sustainable Energy Study, detailing research project initiated by Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business on how Arizonians can make the most of the state’s sustainable energy resources. Go solar!

From Just 4 the Planet, SEED Homes Win an Award from the Green Dragon’s Den at Hay Festival. What on earth does that mean? It took me some deciphering.

Well, the Guardian Hay Festival is, according to Bill Clinton,Woodstock of the mind”.   The festival’s ‘Green Dragon’s Den’ seeks to showcase the most innovative, creative and sustainable new schemes in Wales. SEED Homes are affordable, modular homes made of renewable native softwood in super-insulated structural panels, that are instantly watertight once roofed, and can be erected in 2 days. SEED Homes took the £10,000 prize for the Communities and Homes category, with a project judged to be The most engaging, practical and visionary”



Green building is definitely on the up and up. Silicon Valley Blogger presents This Unusual Investment Property Is Now A Green Home posted at The Digerati Life which talks about eco property flippers, and the conversion of an old fire house (that went on the market at $825K) to an upscale, state of the art green home with the post renovation   sticker price of $2.5M.



Having been a recent home buyer, though regrettably, not an upscale eco home, I must include a tribute one of the best real estate innovations of all time – Docusign a paperless innovation that made me cry tears of joy.

Docusign replaces the inches thick reams of paperwork new home owners need to initial and sign with a digital version, that automatically scrolls down all the text to the exact place you need to initial or sign next. Whoever invented this was brilliant.

While Mike Fitterer might ask How Many Sheets of Paper Does One Office REALLY Need? posted at DocuSign Blog, I would say that Docusign may have saved entire forests from being turned into boring old real estate contracts.

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