Top 5 Interior Design Tips to Make Your Business Greener

If you want a real green interior design, you can achieve a lot with almost no expense. Everything from commercial flooring to organic paint is possible. You can also be quite creative with your options. Take some time to hunt around, and you’ll find just about everything you need.

Organic paint

Organic paint is actually a very old type of paint, based on casein, which is a protein derived from egg. This type of paint was originally used by the ancient Egyptians. It’s thick as glue, and being a protein, has a natural chemical bonding. This indoor paint can be used on drywall, wood, and alkaline surfaces (cement, lime, sandstone and cement plasterwork). It comes in a range of mineral pigments, including built-in glazing in some brands.

Renewable furniture

The best furniture is still wood. You can get certified green furniture, and use non toxic finishes to taste. Recycling or reconditioning the right fittings for your business is also a good option, and gives you a lot of space for innovation, particularly in drab modern offices.

Cane furniture is turning green, now being grown in non-crop areas, instead of depleting natural sources like rattan. Cane from renewable sources comes with the added green credential that it’s becoming a source of income in poorer areas of the world like India. (Given the recent severe droughts in India, cane is one of the few reliable cash crops in some regions.) This furniture is practically indestructible, and can last for decades. In a workplace, it’s also a good colour and texture feature.
Restoring old furniture, particularly antiques, is also a good green solution to minimal environmental impact interior design. Some of the beautiful old pieces restore to their former glory with ease.

Eco-friendly carpeting

Commercial carpets used to be the last world in environment-unfriendly technology. They were full of hydrocarbons, and they were all waste at the end of product life. The tide has turned, and modern sustainable carpets are now checked out down to carbon footprint level. They’re also now recyclable, a major improvement which is reducing waste mass by thousands of tons. You can get fully customized, Full Green Star carpets online, and have a lot of fun checking out the design possibilities and custom coloring.

Energy efficient interior lighting

The Next Big Thing in green lighting is going to be LED (light emitting diodes) lights, which use a fraction of the power of the current fluorescent bulbs. These new lights are just now coming on the market, so you can change your carbon footprint and cut your power bills.

Energy efficient equipment and appliances

Use new, efficient batteries where possible. The electronics and appliances of businesses are about benefit from new organic” batteries, which are more efficient lithium batteries, upgraded with organic carbon molecules. These can be used in any business battery powered application. They’ll save a lot of money, because they’ve also got life spans ten times longer than conventional batteries.

Use the new generation of energy smart laptops. These are far more energy efficient than desktop computers. If you switch to laptops, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint considerably, particularly using batteries.
The trick is to have a ball. The environment starts with something fun and interesting.

The trick is to have a ball. The environment starts with something fun and interesting.

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