6 Green Ways to Market Your Brand

Being “green” has become very popular. In fact, those businesses who fail to make the appropriate changes to become eco-friendly can lose popularity since businesses can leave such a large footprint in our environment with the amount of waste, such as mail in ads and coupons, and the electricity used to operate large facilities. Once a company makes the necessary changes to become a “green” company, letting consumers know of the changes is important. One of the best ways to do this is to use green marketing. Fortunately, eco-friendly brand marketing is not hard to do. Here are 6 sensible and easy ways to make marketing your brand more green.

1. Advertise on lasting items rather than paper
Choose useful, substantial items like pens, magnets, bags, t-shirts, and cups. Items like these will be used for a long time. Every time they are used, your brand will be seen. In addition, whenever possible, used recycled and renewable materials for your marketing goodies.

2. Find a newspaper that uses recycled paper
Many newspapers have been printing on recycled paper for a long time, even before it was considered fashionable. Find out if you local paper is using recycled paper. If they aren’t, ask them to and in return place regular ads in the paper.

3. Advertise where environmentally friendly people will see it
Health food stores, alternative newspapers, and recycling stations are just a few of the locations where eco-conscious customers will be. Ask to use the back of receipts as health food stores or hang flyers made from recycled paper. The smarter you are in locating your marketing, the less printing you will have to do.

4. Offer Green services that will peak the attention of environmentally conscious groups
Refilling ink cartridges and reusing packaging materials will not only save your customers money, it will attract them to you as a green business. Let your customers know that you offer these green services and they will spread the word to their friends.

5. Paperless marketing
A great deal of marketing can be done online. By maintaining an active blog or page on a social networking site, you can build your brand free and green. Also, you can run ads on web sites devoted to eco-friendly topics. Finally, send e-newsletters, ads and correspondence. The less you print, the more green you can be.

6.Use recycled or certified paper when advertising in print
Recycled paper is becoming more and more readily available. Certified paper, such as FSC paper, means that the paper comes from forests managed responsibly by the organization. Find a printer that at least offers certified or recycled paper. You can also make the most of your business card, flyer, or brochure printing marketing tools by using the back as well as the front for information.

Using green methods to market your brand is an excellent way to make your business more eco-friendly. In addition, green marketing will show customers your company’s level of commitment to saving the planet.

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  1. Bryan says:

    thanks for the information its good…!

  2. Alice says:

    You make a lot of excellent points, although I am still unsold when it comes to advertising on pens, because the cheapest way to do it is to go for low-cost plastic pens that aren’t meant to last and that will probably break in time and end up in a landfill.. branding more expensives products- and products that are likely to be kept and used for a long time- such as bags, or t-shirts, is a great way to market green, but is also a lot more costly.


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