Five Cool Green Gifts for Father’s Day

If your dad is eco-conscious, or if you’re trying to convert him, here are some great green Father’s Day gift ideas:

For Dads Who Love Relaxing in the Great Outdoors: The Ultimate Hammock

The Ultimate Hammock from Gaiam is woven from recycled soda bottles, which can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills. The unique fibers are durable, machine washable, and weather-resistant, yet as soft and comfortable as cotton! The hammock is 5 feet wide and holds up to 450 pounds.

For Dads Who Love Gadgets: Solio Classic Hybrid Solar Battery Charger

Solio Classic Hybrid Solar Battery Charger

Solio Classic Hybrid Solar Battery Charger

The Solio Classic Hybrid Solar Battery Charger is a small, portable solar charger that can be used to charge more than 3200 different devices, including cell phones, cameras, MP3 players, handheld GPS systems, and more. The Solio Classic can be used as a free, eco-friendly alternative to wall chargers, or to power electronic devices during backpacking trips and other places with limited access to electrical outlets. Once charged, the Solio Classic can hold its charge for up to one year. It also comes with a USB cable and wall charger for times when it needs to be recharged at night or on overcast days. The Solio Classic is designed for a long-life, and is recyclable.

For Dads Who Love Grilling: Cowboy Charcoal

Cowboy Charcoal

Cowboy Charcoal

Charcoal gives a better flavor to grilled meats and veggies than gas or electric grills, but most charcoal briquettes include additives that can produce dangerous fumes for the cook, and air pollution. Depending on the source of the wood, they can also contribute to deforestation.

A more eco-friendly alternative to charcoal briquettes is lump hardwood charcoal. Cowboy Charcoal uses an eco-friendly European method of producing charcoal to turn sustainably-harvested, kiln-dried hardwood scraps into clean burning lump charcoal that burns hotter, is easier to light, and produces better flavor than conventional charcoal briquettes.

For Dads Who Love Beer: Single Stage Brewery Organic Beer Kit

Single Stage Brewery Organic Beer Kit

Single Stage Brewery Organic Beer Kit

Many beer lovers harbor dreams of brewing their own, and what greener way to get started than with an organic brewing kit? Using organic ingredients for brewing not only protects the environment, it also protects your health against toxic residues… and it may even produce a tastier beer!

The Seven Bridges Cooperative Single Stage Brewery Organic Beer Kit is a great starting kit for beginning brewers. It includes everything you’ll need to get started, as well as your choice of a number of certified organic ingredient kits for India Pale Ale, Irish Stout, British Bitter, dark Lager, and more.

For Dads Who Love Golf: Dixon Golf Earth Balls

Dixon Golf Earth Balls

Dixon Golf Earth Balls

Every year, 300 million golf balls end up in lakes, ponds, and landfills every year. Many of these golf balls contain dangerous heavy metals such as tungsten, cobalt, and lead, and can take up to 1000 years to decompose.

Now there is an eco-friendly alternative! Dixon Golf Earth Balls contain proprietary blends of recyclable materials without heavy metals or other pollutants. They offer a recycling incentive program and use 100% recycled packaging.

Dixon Golf Earth Balls are not only eco-friendly, they are also high performance. With a 92% approval rating from the PGA Tour Partners, Earth Balls outperform most 2-piece and some 3-piece balls on the market. Dixon Golf Earth Balls are a true win-win situation for golfers and the environment!

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