Go Green on Mother’s Day With Organic Flowers

One of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts is a bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers. This year, when browsing for the perfect bouquet for your mom, grandma, or wife, why not choose organic flowers?

Why Choose Organic Flowers?

Giving organic flowers for Mother’s Day epitomizes the spirit of the holiday by celebrating our mothers and protecting the health of the Earth for future generations to enjoy.

Blushing Rose Organic Bouquet

Blushing Rose Organic Bouquet

The majority of flowers sold in the United States for bouquets are grown in Latin American countries such as Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru, where laws governing use of chemical pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides are typically much laxer than in the USA.

Orange Roses Organic Bouquet

Orange Roses Organic Bouquet

About one fifth of chemicals used in Latin American flower farms, including DDT and methyl-bromide, are restricted or banned in the United States. A study in Columbia found that workers were exposed to an average of 127 different pesticides alone, often without adequate training or protective gear.

As a result, two thirds of Columbian flower workers report impaired vision, respiratory and neurological problems, and rates of stillbirths and birth defects are unusually high among women who work or have worked in floriculture.

Pesticides and other chemicals can also contaminate local drinking water sources and impact fragile nearby ecosystems.

Even in the United States, pesticide use in the cut flower industry is high. A study by the Environmental Working Group found that roses grown in California had 1,000 times the level of cancer-causing pesticides as comparable food products.

Morning Star Organic Bouquet

Morning Star Organic Bouquet

The best online source of organic flowers in the United States is currently Organic Bouquet. Organic Bouquet flowers are certified organic and Organic Bouquet is also a preferred retailed of the eco-label Veriflora, which guarantees organic, sustainable production techniques and fair labor practices for all cut flowers and potted plants it certifies. Organic Bouquet flowers are shipped in boxes made from recycled materials and printed with eco-friendly water based ink. Finally, Organic Bouquet has partnered with Carbonfund.org on a Nicaragua Reforestation Project to offset the carbon emissions produced by shipping.

Show Your Love For Mom and Mother Nature With These Five Beautiful Organic Bouquets

Here are five of the hundreds of beautiful bouquets offered by Organic Bouquet:

English Garden Organic Bouquet

English Garden Organic Bouquet

The exquisite Blushing Rose Bouquet offers a touch of classic elegance with a deluxe bouquet of two dozen long-stemmed roses in shades of cream, peach, and pink.

Bring the vibrant beauty of a traditional English cottage garden into your mother’s home with Organic Bouquet’s English Garden Bouquet. This   sweet-smelling bouquet features 22 gorgeously arranged stems of lilies, roses, gerbs, godetia, limonium, and aster in shades of white and pink.

Do more good with the beautiful Orange Roses Bouquet from Organic Bouquet’s Flowers For Good program. 5% of the proceeds from the Flowers for Good program are donated to charity. This particular bouquet benefits Women for Women International, an organization that helps women in war-torn regions such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Rwanda, Sudan, Kosovo, and the Democratic Republic of Congo rebuild their lives.

Sunflower Delight Organic Bouquet

Sunflower Delight Organic Bouquet

Fill Mom’s house with the lovely perfume of Stargazer lilies when you purchase the Morning Star Bouquet as a Mother’s Day gift. This elegant bouquet combines five stems of pink Stargazer lilies, five stems of deep purple iris, and five stems of white stock or snapdragons.

Cheery yellow sunflowers highlight Organic Bouquet’s Sunflower Delight Bouquet, which also includes a handsome mix of delphiniums and bluepleurum in a bouquet as beautiful as an Impressionist painting.

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