All Natural Eco-Friendly Designer Handbags

Eco-friendly designer handbags made from natural fibers are great gifts for environmentally and socially conscious friends, family, and partners. Like recycled designer handbags, they are sustainable, ethically produced, and as stylish and beautiful as they are useful.

What are natural handbags made from?

Lotus Organic Cotton Handbag

Lotus Organic Cotton Handbag

Natural handbags are made from a variety of plant materials. The most common include organic cotton, hemp, jute, and bamboo.

Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the world. Though it is grown on only 2% of the world’s arable land, it consumes 10% of all pesticides and 22% of all insecticides sprayed annually around the globe. In addition to environmental damage, an estimated 20,000 cotton workers die every year from pesticide contamination. Organic cotton, in contrast, is grown sustainably, relying on crop rotation and other natural methods to control pests. Certified organic cotton is also free of hazardous dyes, bleaches, and other chemical processing residues.

Jute Islet Handbag

Jute Islet Handbag

Another common fiber used in natural handbags is jute. Jute is a type of shiny, strong vegetable fiber grown most frequently in India and Bangladesh. It is biodegradable and recyclable, and can be woven into beautiful, durable, and eco-friendly handbags.

Bamboo Cube Handbag

Bamboo Cube Handbag

Hemp is a strong and durable material that has been used for clothing and other textiles for centuries. It is an extremely environmentally friendly fabric because it requires no pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides, or other chemicals to grow.

For a unique and eye-catching natural handbag, consider a handbag made from bamboo. Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world, growing up to four feet per day. As a result, it is one of the most sustainable natural fibers. It is almost always grown organically and is 100% biodegradable.

Organic cotton, hemp, jute, and bamboo are merely the most popular of a wide variety of natural fibers that can be used to create eco-friendly designer handbags. Even the most discriminating fashionista will find a natural handbag to love.

Natural Eco-Friendly Designer Handbags That Will Turn Heads

These are some of our picks for the most eye-catching and stylish natural eco-friendly designer handbags:

Organic cotton Kenji Snow Handbag

Organic Cotton Kenji Snow Handbag

The Lotus is a beautiful example of an eco-friendly organic cotton handbag. Inspired by the lovely bloom of the lotus flower, this coral-colored handbag features a simple-yet-classic design and is made from US grown, certified organic cotton and sustainably harvested rubber from the Amazon rainforest.

Another handsome organic cotton handbag is the Kenji Snow Handbag, a stylish black and white handbag with a bottom made from recycled tetra boxes. The handbag is decorated with non-toxic dyes and inks, and is 100% cruelty-free. No animals products were used in the making of the bag and no products were tested on animals.

Hemp Orange Sun Sling

Hemp Orange Sun Sling

The Orange Sun Sling is a bright and stylish sling perfect for everyday use. The Orange Sun Sling is made of hemp   and produced by women’s cooperatives in Nepal, which improve life for disadvantaged women by providing them with benefits such as fair wages, health coverage, and retirement plans.

The Jute Islet Handbag is made by women’s groups in India and it combines natural jute fibers with animal-friendly pleather trim. As practical as it is stylish, the Jute Islet has several pouches and zippered pockets inside, and metal feet on the bottom to protect it against direct contact with surfaces.

An example of a chic and fashionable bamboo handbag is the Bamboo Cube Handbag, which has a canvas lining decorated with cubes of bamboo. A Bamboo Cube Clutch, perfect for carrying small items such as keys and IDs, is also available.

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