How To Start an Eco-Friendly Hair Salon

Lavender and other essential oils are important ingredients in many eco-friendly beauty products

Lavender and other essential oils are important ingredients in many eco-friendly beauty products

As awareness about the health and environmental benefits of green living rises, a growing number of people are seeking to go green in all aspects of their lives.

One trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years is green hair salons. Conventional salons often use harsh chemicals and other treatments that are bad for the environment and may be dangerous for customers’ health, especially those with chemical sensitivities. Green salons seek to provide the same great service as traditional salons while also protecting the environment and the health of their customers.

Opening a green salon is a great business opportunity for eco-minded salon professionals.

What Is An Eco-Friendly Hair Salon?

The most common way salons go green is by choosing eco-friendly hair products and other beauty treatments. It is estimated that the average woman is exposed to 200 chemicals every day from beauty products alone, including neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors. These chemicals are especially dangerous for young children, pregnant women, and people with chemical sensitivities. Most eco-friendly salons use gentle, natural hair and body products chosen to minimize impact on human health and the environment.

Reduce, reuse, recycle is a way of life for many green salons. Whenever possible, green salons use products in reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable packages, and most print brochures and other promotional materials on recycled paper with eco-friendly ink.

Many eco-friendly salons protect customers and staff from fumes and other hazardous substances by installing air filtration systems and using building materials and furnishings that minimize VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). In addition to building materials and furnishings, some eco salons also use sustainable equipment, such as bamboo brushes and combs, and green cleaning services or products.

These are just a few of the many ways salons can go green while offering the best quality services and products.

Three Eco Salons That Care For Your Hair and the Planet

swing salonThe Swing Salon in New York City is an example of an eco salon that uses all-natural and eco-friendly products. Their hair and body product lines include Modern Organic Products, KEVIN.MURPHY, and Moroccan Oil. These salon-quality beauty product lines are created from natural ingredients such as essential oils and plant extracts, and they are gentle yet effective. They are not tested on animals and are paraben and sulphate free.
green-hair-pdxgreen. in Portland, OR has a unique way to recycle: hair donations! The salon offers a free cut and style to people willing to donate their hair to Locks of Love, a charity that provides wigs for children with cancer and other serious illnesses. They also donate everyday hair trimmings to Matter of Trust, a San Francisco-based organization that uses mats made from hair and other natural fibers to clean up oil spills.

Nori's Eco SalonNori’s Eco Salon in Encino, CA is a model of sustainable building. Walls use 0 VOC paint over non-toxic, sustainably made drywall. The building’s insulation is recycled denim. Floors are covered with eco-friendly natural linoleum made from linseed oil and jute, and the salon uses energy efficient lightbulbs and wind-powered electricity.

These three successful green salons can help provide ideas and inspiration for anyone considering starting an eco-friendly hair salon.

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