5 Inspiring Green Business Blogs

As environmental awareness rises around the world, the “green sector”, which includes clean energy, social entrepreneurship, and other sustainable businesses, is expected to see explosive growth. A report by the outplacement firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas estimated the green sector may add up to 1.3 million new jobs every year by 2030! Established businesses are also seeking new ways to save money and increase profits by going green.

Green business blogs are among the media outlets tracking the expansion of the green sector.

Why Read a Green Business Blog?

Green business blogs are great ways to keep a finger on the pulse of the green business world. In addition to helping stay on top of the latest news from the green sector, they also offer ideas and inspiration to help both new and established businesses go green. They are great sources of information about sustainability best practices for everything from designing products to which cups to stock in the coffee room. And they are a great resource for advice about how going green can save money and improve your business’s bottom line.

5 Must-Read Green Business Blogs

These are some of our picks for the best green business blogs on the web:

1. Triple Pundit

triple-punditTriple Pundit is a great general green business blog that focuses on improving what it calls the Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet, Profit – for businesses and entrepreneurs of all types. Triple Pundit is written by a collection of correspondents from all levels of business with hands-on experience building profitable environmentally and socially responsible companies.

2. BusinessGreen.com

businessgreen.comBusinessGreen.com is a UK-based blog that covers green business news and sustainability best practices with a focus on helping companies interested in becoming more environmentally responsible while protecting – and even improving – their bottom line. The blog includes both analysis of current events and practical tips for improving sustainability, as well as reviews of green tech innovations and a UK green jobs board.

3. GreenBiz.com

greenbiz.comLike BusinessGreen.com, GreenBiz.com focuses on helping mainstream companies plan and implement green initiatives to improve sustainability and environmental responsibility. GreenBiz includes green business news and opinion, practical advice for companies, and a huge library of information resources covering all aspects of green business. It also hosts a US green jobs board and its annual State of Green Business Report, which focuses on the environmental impacts of the green economy and the real impacts companies are making (or not making) with the green initiatives they implement. The report is a great tool for businesses hoping to maximize the effectiveness of their green initiatives by learning from the successes and failures of others.

4. Ecopreneurist.com

ecopreneurist.comRather than focusing on helping mainstream companies who are trying to go green, Ecopreneurist covers news and advice especially for social entrepreneurs and other green sector start-ups. Ecopreneurist includes coverage of green trends, best practices and more, as well as doing regular profiles of successful green companies and products.

5. Sustainable Business Design

sustainablebusinessdesign.blogspot.comSustainable Business Design offers a useful monthly directory of sustainable business-related webinars in addition to green business news and events coverage, and in-depth profiles of successful sustainable companies.

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