30 Beautiful Green Websites

Even though most green sites actually have the color “green” in them to immediately set them apart, its astonishing how each of them has so much individuality. I’ve picked 30 websites that are great in both deeds and looks. Do check them out and let me know what you think.

# 30: Big Omaha

Big Omaha is a 3 day conference organized every year in Omaha that brings together creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs to discuss issues and ideas. I think such localized events and websites are definitely the way to go. It’s a beautiful site with the big buffalo and the bold fonts.

Big Omaha

# 29: Ecoki

Ecoki believes in a sustainable future with an eco-lifestyle community. It covers everything from green technology, latest scientific research, fashion to organic foods.


# 28: Graze
This one is a little non-conventional. Graze is a food delivering website that caters to working people. It prepares homemade meals and posts them to clients all you have to do is select one of their customized food boxes. Graze is proud to use the best quality produce by small business owners and organic food producers. They’re website is scrumptious!


# 27: Green Globe Ideas

Green Globe Ideas is a collaborative project of a group of people who want to ‘Help save planet Earth’ by making the globe green. They post tips and ideas that everyone can implement easily. Their website has a light and fun feel to it, which is a great break of optimism.

Green Globe Ideas

# 26: Wathen Castanos

Wathen Castanos Inc. has been in the home building business for three generations. Considering the rising energy costs and its effect on the world, they’ve started building green homes. If they can change lives, one home at a time — they definitely deserve the accolades.

Wathen Castanos

# 25: Earth 911

Earth 911
is the ultimate guide to going green. It lists local recycling centers, teaches how to reduce your carbon impact, reusing and recycling. Their website makes you want to adopt a healthy green lifestyle. They have a great balance of graphics and text — making the site easy to navigate.

Earth 911

# 24: Ecorazzi

Ecorazzi is the paparazzi of the green community. It covers all the news (read gossip) on celebrities and well known personalities supporting the green cause. Designed for people who need the additional kick in the right direction — if Brad Pitt can drive an Audi so can we? Yes, quite.


# 23: Drop Bags

Drop Bags manufactures multipurpose extraction kits. Their website is uncluttered and great to look at. The subtle shades of brown and green in the back reinforces their core message.

Drop Bags

# 22: Green and Clean Mom

Green and Clean Mom is a green entrepreneur’s journey to living a green life as she juggles the various hats (mother, business woman, educator, social media fanatic etc) she wears in her everyday life. It’s a great read for inspiration, and has a really feminine flavor to the design.

Green and Clean Mom

# 21: Green Options

Simple, to the point and clean. Green Options is a network of environmentally focused blogs. I have added this to the list because sometimes simple lines and colors can represent so much more value.

Green Options

# 20: Edenbee

Edenbee is a community of people tackling climate change and living the green. They measure their carbon footprints and suggest ways to reduce it. Their site has all the social elements to it to make it attractive.


# 19: Wild Dill

Wild Dill is an online store for organic and natural clothing for babies and toddlers. It has the perfect feel-good elements to it to make you want to buy from them.

Wild Dill

#18: The Accidental EcoManiac

The Accidental EcoManiac is one woman’s eco-conscious journey towards saving the planet. Great graphics, bold colors, clean — this is definitely one of my favs.

The Accidental EcoManiac

# 17: Do The Green Thing

Green Thing is a non-profit public service that encourages people to live greener lives. Their website is wacky to say the least, and yet so distinctly interesting.

Do The Green Thing

# 16: Carbon Calculator

Carbon Calculator is a tool that lets you calculate your carbon footprints and tells you ways to reduce it. The soothing shades of blue take you to another world.

Carbon Calculator

# 15: A Self Sufficient Life

A self Sufficient Life is actually a personal blog, but I had to add it here. Self sufficient and frugal lifestyles start with a mindset change – a shift from the attractions and clutter of the world, to a more simplistic stance. The design says it all.

A Self Sufficient Life

# 14: Ideal Bite

Ideal Bite offers free green living tips. Delivered to your inbox Monday – Friday. Their website is designed perfectly, and the avatars are beautifully placed.

Ideal Bite

# 13: Greenopolis

Greenopolis is an interactive community that brings together individuals and corporations and educates them about green causes.


# 12: Zero Footprint Kids Calculator

Zero Footprint Kids Calculator is a website aimed at children to educate and inform them about being eco-friendly. It offers quizzes to let children know if they’re environmentally friendly. Parents and teachers can get involved too.

Zero Footprint Kids Calculator

# 11: Green People

Green People is an online lifestyle shop that offers a range of organic skin care and natural beauty products. Their website design clearly states: it’s a lifestyle choice and we’re happy about it.

Green People

# 10: Ethical Weddings

At number 10 we have Ethical Weddings — an online wedding magazine that covers everything related to eco-friendly weddings. Their website is soft, informative and stylish. If you’re about to get hooked, do check them out.

Ethical Weddings

# 9: Our Green House

Our Green House offers organic baby clothes and products. Their website is cute and photographic.

Our Green House

# 8: Super Eco

Super Eco is a community for beginners wanting to live eco-friendly lives. They have added a unique twist to green lifestyle with their own tone and culture. “Lets go dumpster diving” and “How to green your swearing” are the kinds of topics you’ll get to read there. At least someone is tapping into the Gen Y crowd.

Super Eco

# 7: Evolvist

Evolvist has a lot of things going for it — the recycling-inspired logo, the deisgn, the copywriting and more. It’s a localized service for finding eco-friendly businesses in different cities.


# 6: World Changing

So yes, the world is changing… and we do need to change our thinking if we want to make a difference. World Changing has a non-conventional design and is always a treat to visit.

World Changing

# 5: LOHAS

Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability. Although their design is typical in nature, LOHAS.com still stands out because of the color scheme and the bright orange logo. Do visit it if you’re interested in learning more about adopting a green lifestyle and are looking for activities around you.


# 4: Daily Green

The Daily Green is on number four for a reason. They know how to present loads of information on one page, without ever cluttering it up for you.

Daily Green

# 3: Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall is running a conservation for chimpanzees and other casualties of deforestation. Her website represents passion, intensity and good will. It’s a great institute to donate to, or get involved with. Who can ignore those sad chimpanzee eyes?

Jane Goodall

# 2: 18 seconds

18seconds is a community of people with the right can-do attitude. It has all the right elements: beautiful, interesting, and engaging. Do check it out if you haven’t seen it already.

18 Seconds

# 1: Breathing Earth

My top pick for now is a stunning site called Breathing Earth. Its a real-time simulation of births, deaths and carbon emissions in the world. Just looking at the site makes one wonder how far we have to go to reduce our carbon footprints. From a design perspective, its different and interesting.

Breathing Earth
Do you have a favorite green website? If so, please share your comments below.

This post was written by:

Lorna Li

Lorna Li is a social media and green marketing expert. She enjoys helping green businesses and nonprofits with bootstrap marketing, as well as helping job seekers leverage social media for personal branding.

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  1. loving some of these sites, has given me some great ideas for some of my new clients who want to go ‘green’

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