10 Innovative Recycled Consumer Products

Since the environmental movement of the 70s, recycling has now become a part of our daily lives. In San Francisco, triple bins (trash, recycle, and compost) are becoming ubiquitous, while kiosks for wine cork and battery recycling grace the stomping grounds of the environmental elite.   Even places as mainstream as Costco, Office Max, and Best Buy do their fair share to recycle e-waste. While recycling is both necessary and practical, there is no reason why it can’t also be both fun and creative.   Heck, why melt down circuit boards, when they can be re-purposed into useful, stylish accessories?

With a little bit of creativity, some of the most mundane objects can be reincarnated into useful and hip home decor.   Here’s a short list of a interesting items that have traded the landfill for a second life in an environmentally friendly home.

1.Vintage Record Bowls

Who would have thought vintage records could be so useful? These Vinyl LP record bowls are perfect for adding a little funk to your snacks. Used for dry food stuff only. They are perfect for popcorn on movie nights, or nuts on game nights.

2. Recycled Bottle Cap Candlesticks

These candlestick holders are made from bottle caps collected from bars and restaurants. South African artist Derrick Mentoor stacks the bottle caps between an aluminum base and holder. The craftsmanship is so intricate that it can hold standard dinner candles easily without wobbling. Add a splash of color with these colorful candlestick holders.

3.Recycled Chopstick Products


Ever thought what happens to the chopsticks that are discarded every time you go out for a fancy meal at PF Changs? An innovative company is using them to make folding baskets, table tops, lamps and even soap dishes. Chopstick products make for cool and practical gifts.

4.Hand Grenade Oil Lamp


Add a touch of danger to your room with Hand Grenade Oil Lamps. Made from actual US Army surplus grenades, they come in their original color as well as gold and silver.

Controversial as it may seem, they can make for a great conversations at a party. Oh and they’re perfectly safe – won’t blow up or anything.

5.Recycled Junkyard Clocks


Recycled junkyard clocks are great for kids. Made from recycled auto parts, garden tools, farm machinery, what have you —   these hand crafted clocks will fascinate any child. It’s interesting to see how the little pieces are put together.

6.Telephone Wire Baskets


Basket weaving has been an African art form for centuries. They’ve now begun weaving baskets from recycled telephone wires. The telephone wire baskets come in different shapes, designs and color and are perfect for everyday use. You can use them as regular baskets to add color to your surroundings.

7.Recycled Tire Vase


Made from the tube of a motorcycle tire, this vase stands up on its own and does not need support of any kind. Perfect for an office, it can be used to put in flowers in one opening and pencils and pens in the other. The best part about the recycled tire vases is that they don’t smell like rubber.

8.Hand Crafted Recycled Tire Swings


It’s fun to see simple things take interesting shapes, such as this tire swing. A lot of people, especially those living in the countryside have tire swings in their backyard. These tires are recycled and designed into different shapes ready to be hanged from a tree. They come in different animal shapes and are designed to hold up to 200 lbs of weight.

9.Recycled Glass Pottery


One of the most common recycled materials is glass. Recycled glass pottery is a great gift idea, because of its sheer beauty. Dinnerware, coasters, clocks, jewelry, magnets and mirrors are just some of the things that are made from recycled glass. you can try to make these yourself as well.

10.Recycled Circuit Board Coasters


Yes, you heard that right. Who would have thought circuit boards could come in handy outside of our motherboards. The hard to reuse circuit boards have been turned into coasters and even business card holders. They’re the perfect gift to give to your techie friends.

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  1. Lorna Li says:

    What cool stuff! I love it, so hip and chic. I like the circuit board coasters the best.

    Green Marketing 2.0


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